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Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut
29. července 2013 - Rising Star Games

Just to let you all know, we've added a new video to the newly-abbreviated DPDCPC Greenlight page (shouldn't that be Greenlit page?) where RSG's own Tyrone and Sam sit down to reflect on some of the wonderful comments that you guys posted. We hope you enjoy it!

More details about the PC release, including minimum/recommended specs and info about the PC-exclusive DLC, coming soon!

25. července 2013 - Rising Star Games

Six days. SIX DAYS. No, we can't quite believe it either. And yet here we are, six days after the launch of Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut, with the game already through Greenlight. To say we're floored is an understatement - it's all thanks to you guys, your support and your passion for the game.

Right now, we're busy dotting the T's and crossing the I's (that's right, yes? :D) on all the fiddly details, as well as locking down important things that you've been asking for in the Discussions area; once all that's sorted, we'll have more to share about the game. In the meantime though, we can't really say thank you enough... without your help, we wouldn't be here now. Rising Star Games has always been a publisher that focuses on the community, and this just goes to show that our faith is well placed. Thanks everyone - we hope to make Halloween 2013 the spookiest, strangest holiday you've ever had!

19. července 2013 - Rising Star Games

Wow... it's only been just over a day since we put Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut up on Greenlight, but already we've been blown away by the feedback and positive responses from everyone here. We had hopes for there being a decent number of people wanting to see the game on Steam, but we never imagined there'd be so many!

Of course, we've only just begun and there's still a way to go until we get greenlight (though hopefully Valve will have noticed all your comments!), so please be sure to spread the word and help us get as many Yes votes as possible. Every vote counts and means lots to us... we can't thank you all enough!

16. července 2013 - Rising Star Games

Hi everyone! It's true that Rising Star Games has published a few PC games in the past but, since this is our first release on Steam, we wanted to make it a big one and bring you something special! And let's face it, nothing gets bigger than the gaming phenomenon that is Deadly Premonition!

We're excited about the idea of bringing you an enhanced version of the already-improved Director's Cut, but to do that – as with any Greenlight project – we need your help. So, if you want to solve the mystery of the Raincoat Killer on PC in the near future, please give us your support and help us make one of the biggest cult hits of the decade a reality on Steam very soon!

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