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Viscera Cleanup Detail
6 de Abril de 2014 - DarkCarnivour

Hail proud and noble Space Janitors!

Viscera Cleanup Detail has gotten a major update (v0.25) and is now available on Steam Early Access!

Anyone who has already pre-ordered it on our site, through the Humble Widget or Humble Store or other bundles should be receiving Steam keys.
There is also a discount for anyone who has already bought Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage.

Behold the new trailer for the launch:
In this update, we have:

  • Two new maps: "Waste Disposal" (The Sewer) and "Caduceus"
  • Multiplayer networking through Steam
  • Brand new shiny dead workers
  • New overhauled punchout system - much more amusing!
  • The Janitor's Office
  • A fresh bucketful of improvements and fixes.

18 de Fevereiro de 2014 - DarkCarnivour

Greetings good janitors!

For those intrepid souls that pre-order Viscera Cleanup Detail, the alpha build has just been updated to v0.24.
This brings a raft of fixes and new features, including:

  • Save system (players can now save the game and return to it later)
  • Plasma welder (patch up bullet holes, destroy objects, make a mess)
  • 64 bit exe
  • Improved physics & networking
Find out more over here on our blog.[]

We are still aiming to have VCD up on Early Access in the next few weeks, so if you want to have a few less issues to contend with, you can wait that out.

As always, you can help us out by pre-ordering VCD[] for $7 and get the latest alpha build.

4 de Dezembro de 2013 - ShadowBlade

Greetings, you glorious cleaners!

Great news if you've pre-ordered; you can now get your hands on the v0.20 alpha build from your Humble page! Check your page for the new download.

This is a pretty big one, with some of the major inclusions being:

  • Medical-bay map, "Evil Science" (complete with fancy new content everywhere, including mutants)
  • Customizable janitor colors
  • Vending machine
  • Interactive UI screens
  • Notes and PDA's shed some light on the happenings prior to the mess
  • Numerous little fixes

You can pre-order for $7 right here[].

Please enjoy it everyone!! :)

11 de Novembro de 2013 - RuneStorm

Hey everyone!

Great news today; you can now get the 'VCD:Shadow Warrior' crossver free with VCD pre-orders as well as by purchasing Flying Wild Hog's 'Shadow Warrior'. Woohoo!
Please check your Humble page for a Steam key.

You can help us out by pre-ordering Viscera Cleanup Detail over at our site for $7[] :)

And check out the trailer here:

Big thanks to everyone who has supported RuneStorm's campaign for domination ;)

26 de Outubro de 2013 - DarkCarnivour


I bring good news for all janitors struggling to operate in teams and complete their cleaning.

The free alpha v0.15 is out and it includes a bunch of fixes and improvements. The most important changes are the fixes to debris and decal replication (so these should have less problems in co-op) and improvements the the 'punchout' (clocking out) system. Gibs should no longer be able to escape the wrath of the janitor and prevent full cleanup. There have also been numerous other improvements and tweaks.

Changes include:

  • Fix for buckets showing water after being spilled
  • Punchout UI is now on an interactive screen on the Punchout machine, which also has a proper mesh
  • Mop cleans multiple nearby splats at once
  • Removed shadow casting from machine hatches
  • Fixed divide-by-zero causing glowing white water
  • Tuned the muck detector, it's now much more usable
  • Fixed mop not recognising using splat sizes
  • Fixed bucket water plane - now stays level and doesn't stick through the bucket
  • Changed machine jamming limiter to use spree detection instead of time
  • Player now bumps physics objects (bin, bucket, etc) when walking into them
  • Added mechanism to prevent debris passing through world geometry
  • Improved stuck debris culling mechanism
  • Decreased number and rate of footprints from walking in blood
  • Adjusted bucket and mop saturation limits
  • Sped up debris light environment updates
  • Fixed spinning view problem when standing on moving objects (Note: management considers 'barrel surfing' inappropriate behaviour for janitors)
  • Replaced splat and debris actors in maps with newer, more virtuous kinds of actors
  • Numerous fixes and improvements to debris replication and syncing in multiplayer
  • Added blood footstep sound
  • Improve hold distance and handling of horrid metal sheets and other objects
  • Improved object holding and transform - off-center issues
  • Made client players not die and leave corpses when clocking off
  • Players can respawn if they die in single player
  • Fixed the Map list closing when clicking the scrollbar.
  • Fixed 'Escape' key not closing Map-List when it's in focus.
  • Fixed repeated 'highlight' sounds from playing when cursor moves over Key-Bindings.
  • Changed and refined all UI styling.
  • Added an 'Always Run' setting to options menu.
  • Added Viscera sign to Main Menu and In-game Menu.
  • Moved Options to its own menu.

As always, pre-ordering the game[] on our site is a great way to help us out. It is still $5 at the moment and you get all future updates up to and including the full game... along with other bonuses along the way ;)

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