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Viscera Cleanup Detail
7 Ağustos 2013 - RuneStorm


We've just updated to v0.13. You can grab them here:

Also, please consider pre-ordering for $5 to help us out, and please spread the word :)

-Added new map: Zero-G Therapy
-Fixed objects not being incinerated in some maps.
-Fixed objects falling behind stairs in "Section 8".

-Fixed dispensors repeatedly throwing out gibs in quick succession.
-Fixed held objects dying from continued collisions.
-Fixed janitors dying suddenly from encroaching objects.
-Fixed non-mess objects(Crates, Barrels, etc) being counted as mess.
-Fixed chinese take-out box collision size.
-Added Blood-Cluster objects for Low-Gravity environments.
-Fixed Lanterns not being lit properly.
-Added bloody player footprints.

-Removed Password box from "Direct Connect" dialog.
-Listed keys in options menu. (cannot be changed yet)
-Added View-Bob setting to options menu.
-Added FoV setting to options menu.

31 Temmuz 2013 - RuneStorm

Greetings everyone!

So we've been taking the last week easy. Our brother is still recovering, so that will obviously delay work ;)
We've been spending some time solidifying the vision for the full VCD however, so we want to let you guys know where we want VCD to go. Here we go then :)

Central to the full game will be a selection of unique maps, each with their own premise/style/focus. Some example of these would be:
-Medical Bay
-Gravity Chamber
-Infested Facility
Each of these areas would feature slightly different gameplay and approaches. The game is still about cleaning up each place, but each place brings with it a unique focus and differing challenges/mechanics.

Beyond that, we will be adding more mechanics and polishing up existing functions. Here is a brief list of some planned features:
-A tool for picking up several cartridges at once.
-Blood will take a little more than one "jab" to get rid of (could depend on size of splat).
-Better interaction between hands and objects.
-Fire mechanics (fires can be put out and can be started accidentally).
-Alien infestation and tools to deal with it
-A radio.
-Dead bodies.
-Bullet holes and a tool to fix them.
-Broken equipment and ways of repairing it.
-Cataloging name-tags of deceased (more details on this down the line)
-The possible addition of a cart. A wonky cart.

And we have a bunch of other ideas still, but we want to keep a few surprises ;)
Also, there will be considerably more fixes and polish applied to current aspects, such as physics syncing and "clocking-out".

Thanks everyone, I hope this sheds some light on things :)

22 Temmuz 2013 - RuneStorm

Hail everyone!

Good news! This new build includes multiplayer! It still has bugs and we only managed to spend a week on it, but it does work :)
Beyond that, we added a basic "punch-out" panel for when you think you've cleaned the place, 2 new maps (making it 3 now) and a few extra props such as trash and lanterns.
To get your hands on it, head over to our site:
VisceraCleanup site[www.runestorm.com]

Or you can get the downloads direct:
Grab on IndieDB
Grab from AtomicGamer[www.atomicgamer.com]
We know there is still more to do, and much more we want done, but, small steps. It'll come ;)

Please spread word of our Greenlight campaign, consider pre-ordering for $5 and enjoy it! :)

Oh, and finally, we will be taking it easy over the next week or so, mostly due to this:

Thanks everyone!

19 Temmuz 2013 - RuneStorm

Greetings fellow cleaners!

Good news: you can now pre-order Viscera Cleanup Detail and support RuneStorm! Yay!
You can get it now, starting at $5 (we'd be awful grateful if you paid a little extra to help us out) :)
Grab it right HERE![www.runestorm.com]

For that $5:

  • You get the final full version when the game is finished.
  • You get access to the non-public alpha and beta builds as we develop the game.
  • You get the Steam key if and when game gets greenlit on Steam.
  • You help support RuneStorm and the development of Viscera Cleanup Detail.
  • We will stop releasing free alpha builds down the line at which point updates will only be available to pre-puchasers.
  • The pre-order is heavily discounted now because the game is still at an early stage of development. This discount will be reduced as the game develops and becomes more fully featured.

Many thanks everyone! Here's to getting to that Greenlight!

19 Temmuz 2013 - RuneStorm

Hooray, we hit the top 100!!! Thanks a ton everyone :) Don't stop there though, please help us get this puppy Greenlit ASAP! :)

In other news, we've been working hard on getting co-op in. This isn't a quick job, but it's coming along :) Since it's co-op we need a character, so feast your eyes on this WIP janitor model:

We hope to have another update out in a day or two. Mostly it'll feature a new map and some other small changes as we work on MP in the background ;) More major gameplay elements will be coming in after c-op behaves.

Cheers everyone, and please get the word out. For the galaxy ;)

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