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13 febbraio 2015 - Aly Ameen

We're pleased to announce that Cubicity finally now has been released on Steam :

With over a year journey I'm happy that Cubicity has its chance to shine on Steam. After losing hope that it would ever be green lit I was surprised that we were contacted after a year of pushing to have Cubicity on Steam. I'm happy that the Steam community wanted to get the chance to play and we'd like to thank everyone who helped us and voted for us to reach this point.

2 febbraio 2015 - SFX Acidic

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick announcement that our store page is NOW live. The game will be coming Feb. 12th and for those of you who grabbed the game during the IndieGala Intersellar we're waiting to hear back from them so you all can get your codes near or by release. So we're happy to see you all play the game, talk on our hub. You can find Cubicity on Steam by searching the game, looking at upcoming or just clicking that awesome box below.

28 ottobre 2014 - SFX Acidic

Hello Everyone,

We'd like to thank EVERYONE that has voted for the game. Late last night both lead dev. and I got the email saying Cubicity was greenlit. Of course with anyone getting an email like that it was time to celebrate and freak out. I mean who wouldn't freak out over that email? Anyways, thank every one of you!

What are the plans for us now? It's time for us to work on getting the game on Steam and make this game as perfect as possible, which includes adding Steam achievements, trading cards and maybe more. This means at this time we don't have an exact date since we'll have some work to do. Keep your eyes peeled on this page for more information, new announcements and more.

If you have any questions at all just ask them in the comments and we'll get back to you. Have a great week everyone!

- SFX Acidic

20 gennaio 2014 - Aly Ameen

You can now get Cubicity and enjoy it on your xbox 360 by clicking the following link :

Xbox Live Indie Market[]

You can also try the trial version from the same link.

We're still hoping that one day we'll show up as a game on Steam so keep those votes incoming! For more information on the game visit

13 novembre 2013 - Aly Ameen

It has been a while since our last update here on Steam and we're pleased to announce that you can now buy Cubicity on our website or Desura.

Cubicity Website[]

Still wondering if you should buy the game? We have a demo for you to play, which is located on the games website. The demo will give players such as you the one reading a taste of the full game, showcasing the title's physics and sheer addictive qualities. The Cubicity demo includes 11 playable levels that span across 2 worlds of the game that showcase the game’s stunning 1080P visuals and fiendish puzzles. You can play this demo by clicking here[].

We're still hoping that one day we'll show up as a game on Steam so keep those votes incoming! For more information on the game visit

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