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Greenlight is being retired. For more information on how to submit games to steam, refer to this blog post.
Gameplay Trailer
July 27, 2013 - Dascu

A short trailer detailing some of the gameplay features of Malebolgia has been uploaded. Keep in mind that this is just a small glimpse at what you can do and where you can go in the game.

Furthermore, the quality of the footage is admittedly not that great (blame my capture software), and some of the visuals (especially animation) is lackluster. Obviously those issues will be resolved in due time.

The end of the trailer points towards a Kickstarter, though the campaign has not yet been launched. But that will happen very soon, and I can already mention that the target goal will be quite low. Malebolgia is already far into development, and consequently does not require large sums of money to be finished.

Lastly, much of the feedback in the comments has been very helpful and been taken into account. Thank you all.