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Fable Kart
Feedback roundup
12 luglio 2013 - Fable Kart

Thanks for all your comments. Here is what we have so far:

*Conversion: Yes, if the game is released on Steam, we will convert it also for Linux and Mac!

*Single player: a lot of people would like to have a single player mode, it seems. We will look into it, it's likely we will add it after the game is launched, as a downloadable.

*Same goes for local coop: from the start there will be local multiplayer with a maximum of 8 players, in teams or free for all. But local coop as in "a team of players vs other teams controlled by the computer" will be added later, together with single player.

*As for the graphic, we stick to the general style we have developed so far, with cute characters and the like (btw, we have added a few more concept arts to illustrate how other animals should look like). However, there were useful suggestions (e.g. orange making it look a bit flat), and we will keep those into account.

*As for the game modes, again, we'd rather not reveal them yet. A good reason is that we are still testing them, and if we say "we will be adding a battle-royal-uber-destruction mode" and then we scrap it because we think it's not fun, people will certainly complain ("hey! where is the battle-royal-uber-destruction mode?? you said you would include it!!"). Still, we think we have a few ideas for something new and fresh, and as soon as we feel more confident about them, we will tell you more.

*One thing we don't plan to include is a lot of customization. We don't have the manpower of Nintendo or Sega, and this is not a game that will cost 50 euros at release, this is meant to be a lightweight game. Being such a small team we just have to give up something - which is also why we are focusing on certain core elements of kart games (fast, easy, accessible, lots of competition) and try to get them exactly right. In any case, there are not many titles like this tied to Steam, as it has been pointed out, so, again, we think we could be bringing a welcome addition to the table, in the end.

In the immediate future we will be focusing on gameplay, and we hope that soon we will be able to post new footage of that. As it has been said, we may have jumped the gun going to greenlight so early, but it's also true that this way we got a ton of useful feedback. We hope you will stick with us and take a look at the game again once it's in a more advanced stage.