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Iron Soul
9 settembre 2013 - BluBeeGames

Iron Soul is almost here! Of course with Bot-mageddon being so close, we must do one final push. To help with that, we'd like to ask our fans and followers on Steam Greenlight to help us spread the good (robotic) word. I know it's asking a lot but we (and H25) could really use your help with Facebook, Twitter or other media.

So, please tell your friends, associates and dears ones about Bot-mageddon. It's coming and with your help, everyone could enjoy a green(lit) robotic armageddon!

A huge thanks to everyone who has helped get where we are now.
You guys and gals are awesome!
-BluBee Games

1 settembre 2013 - BluBeeGames

The Bot-mageddon is less than 2 weeks away. As a last measure of preparation for that devastating event, we have prepared a final / launch trailer for all the robot fighters around the globe.

Iron Soul - Launch Trailer

This trailer covers all aspects of Iron Soul, including the story (with added, creepy sci-fi vibe), the combat (With all sorts of eyeball and non-eyeball enemies) and the platforming (Deadly jump platforms in all colors!).

Hope you enjoy this and join us for the last push on Steam Greenlight before Iron Soul comes out

30 agosto 2013 - BluBeeGames

And they said machines can't feel happiness! Not only has Iron Soul made past the top 100 on Steam Greenlight, the robot-powered game has entered the top 30. We should thank a lot of sides, least of which you awesome guys and gals who helped us with your votes, comments and kindness.

More super, robot-powered thanks to:

- Awesome people at Valve that greenlit so many games.

- Our very own marketing team (Namely, all 3 current people working on the game) for the ultimate marketing push.
- Super great Greenlight contributors like Oliver and Hulkiman.

- ...And once again, every awesome gamer, man or machine that voted YES.

Stay tuned! Our launch trailer is coming next week as well as more awesome stuff. For now, let's celebrate with a new screen!

27 agosto 2013 - BluBeeGames

What’s going here!? A robot-powered preview for Iron Soul []? Of course!

The fine folks at GreenLitGaming [] have played the demo and written their impressions about it:

“Story potential aside, Iron Soul brings a few interesting gameplay ideas to the table. As one would expect, you spend some time with your weapon drawn blasting baddies, but there is also a platforming element to the game. This may excite some of you hardcore platformers out there, but for many, it will provide an interesting take on the 3rd-person shooter experience.”

Please head over to their awesome Web Site [] for the whole preview and prepare yourself for this dark, robotic future that comes in September 14th.

16 agosto 2013 - BluBeeGames

Did you think Bot-mageddon was delayed? Blasphemy! It is coming and with it, Iron Soul shall fully awaken. The robot-powered game will come out on September the 14th on various digital distribution platforms.

To celebrate, H25's lawyer has revealed some secret info on Iron Soul's Facebook page:

Iron Day is almost upon us… till then; why not visit the home of machines at:

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