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Iron Soul
2013. augusztus 8. - BluBeeGames

Iron Soul’s Official Site has just received a robo-tacular update. Would you guys and gals (and robots) like to know more about H25 and his creator (Cyrus)? How about overall story? All that plus the media kit, new screens and more robo-tastic stuff await you at the updated site for Iron Soul.
Of course if you want to, this link can take you straight to the story parts with 100 percent less robo-based word plays:

2013. július 26. - BluBeeGames

Welcome to the world of H25 and his many long distance companions. Not all of them are friendly or sane but throughout this journey, H25 has to deal with most of them. Who are they and more importantly, who is H25 himself? Well, let’s see this video and see how vaguely it might help with that:
To find out more about this crazy world and its characters, check out our Facebook and Twitter. Also, don’t forget to leave us a comment here and there.
As always, thank you for your attention and feedback.

2013. július 23. - BluBeeGames

Yesterday, we promised an open dialogue with Bees about Iron Soul. Today, we have the first pre-recorded / conducted session with H25's insane friend and various team members.

It’s important to remember that H25’s lawyer will be moderating the semi-panel and will shoot any team members going too far. With that said, don’t be afraid of asking your own questions here or in other topics / discussions.
To read / watch / witness the intense session #1:

Iron Q&A Episode #1 (Crazy / Official Talk)

As always, you can find us at:
Official Iron Soul Site: Official Site[www.IronSoulGame.com]
Official Facebook Page: Iron Soul on Facebook
Official Twitter Account: Iron Soul on Twitter

2013. július 23. - BluBeeGames

Just added the Steam Community Group for Iron Soul. In there, you can talk about the game directly to BluBee members. You can also ask other questions about anything to get (un)official responses (As long as they don't upset H25 and his angry lawyer).
How did a UDK developed platformer turn into a full 3rd person shooter / platformer hybrid? How do you mix to genres? How does a full story work without relying on cut-scene madness? And finally, who are H25 and his lawyer?
To find the answers, come and join the fun:
Iron Soul Community Group
Iron Soul Greenlight Discussions

2013. július 11. - BluBeeGames

You guys and gals are awesome. We were humbled by your awesome reactions, heard your helpful feedback and tried to act on it as quickly as possible. Because of that, Iron Soul changed it plans from releasing normal update vids to do a full gameplay reveal that shows enemies, shooting mechanics and various locations.

As you can see, this is the "action" reveal. There are separate updates on the way for platforming, story and other aspects of the game. Stay tuned and please give us your feedback about this video and the game in general.

As always, you can find us at:
Official Iron Soul Site: www.IronSoulGame.com
Official Facebook Page: www.Facebook.com/Iron.Soul.Game
Official Twitter Account: www.twitter.com/IronSoulGame

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