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23 de noviembre de 2014 - Dancing Dinosaur Games

So it would seem that after a long, busy day on Friday a certain announcement that had been written up was overlooked when leaving the office. Namely the one that was supposed to be posted here saying that Early Access will be going live tomorrow, specifically at around 11am Tuesday here in Australia or 4pm Monday Steam server time. No idea how that got missed. Nevertheless, we're excited!

24 de octubre de 2014 - Dancing Dinosaur Games

Hey everyone!

So this is kind of last minute, but we’ve been offered some free space to exhibit Collateral at PAX Aus thanks to AIE, the Academy of Interactive Entertainment where the members of our company studied game development. You’ll be able to come and try the latest version of Collateral at the AIE booth all day Friday and the first half of Saturday.

We’re still inching closer to Early Access on Steam. This week we’ve been composing a new trailer to celebrate the release, sorting out as many bugs as we can, and generally trying to make the next version of Collateral as polished as can be. There are still some issues that aren’t going to be fixed just yet so that we don’t have to hold back the release any longer figuring out how to fix them, but we’re aware that they exist and will continue trying to fix them for next time.

Since we’ll be at PAX on Friday, next week’s update will come out on Thursday instead. Till then, thanks for reading. -David

17 de octubre de 2014 - Dancing Dinosaur Games

So as you may have noticed, we haven't posted an update here for a while. Development definitely hasn't stopped, and in fact we've been edging closer to being ready for an Early Access release for a while now. We'd been putting off updates here until we could announce when Early Access would be available because we kept expecting it to be just another few weeks. As it stands, we're uploading our first test build to Steam right now. For the moment we're just going to say Early Access will start "very soon" and update you when we get a more precise date.

In the meantime, check out our weekly updates on our Website[dancingdinosaurgames.com], Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr[collateralthegame.tumblr.com]. This week's update talks about the new Plasma Shotgun and upgrade concepts.

29 de abril de 2014 - Dancing Dinosaur Games

These two things might have something to do with one another. I'll let you decide.

We can't thank you all enough. Really, we can't, so I'm only going to try once. Thank you to everyone that voted for us, everyone who asked their friends to vote for us, everyone who forced their friends to vote for us, and everyone else who contributed to the process who doesn't feel adequately thanked enough.

Again, you guys are awesome!

24 de marzo de 2014 - Dancing Dinosaur Games

Hey everyone!

So after the batch of games got Greenlit last week we jumped up in rank, and now Collateral is sitting at #94 on Greenlight! Thank you to all of you that have voted for us thus far. If you have any friends on Steam that haven’t voted for us yet then please encourage them to help us edge that little bit closer to being Greenlit ourselves!

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