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2013. szeptember 20. - bodsey

That's it ! We ended development today. Thanks to everyone who tried the alpha and gave feedback.
Keep on sharing, we still need votes to get the game on Steam !
If the game is Greenlit, we'll work on a special edition and add new content.

The game is available on Desura, and on other sites soon. You can follow us https://twitter.com/CuveGames if you want to be kept updated.

2013. szeptember 17. - bodsey

What's new

A big update with a third Dungeon, the HellGate ! It's the toughest and the hardest Dungeon yet. It features 23 new Monsters, including the 3 Demon Lords which will team up to fight you !

Some screenshots :

Character selection

Another community-driven feature. For 3 crystals, you will be allowed to pick your favorite team !

What's next

We will release the final version soon. Even we are mainly debugging and polishing, we're also adding a couple of feature, like the Totems

They can give you a bonus or a malus for an entire Dungeon, allowing even more exotic strategies !

The Desert

This is the final Dungeon of QuestRun. It features all the monsters of the game in a endurance run which lasts 15 chapters....

2013. augusztus 31. - bodsey

QuestRun is getting closer to its final version ! Almost all the features are implemented, the game now misses mainly two main Dungeons.

What's new

New Character : the Vampire

The Vampire is a mighty "hero" but he is cursed.

New Quests and Profiles : Inquisitor and Berserker

The Inquisitor specializes on fighting Mages. She is unlocked by beating the Paladin's Quest.

The Berserker hit fast and hard but is weak. He is unlocked by beating the Sorcerer's Quest;

New Merchant

The final level of the Merchant is now unlockable in the Metashop menu.

New features

Those features have been added mainly under the influence of the community feedback.
- The surrounded malus affects your heroes when they are outnumbered and encourages teamplay
- The speed button allows you to speed up the game and skip the few fights where there's little to do
- The Missions are secondary objectives you can complete during a Dungeon, and give you instant Gold Coins, allowing you to unlock new features faster.

What's next
Next update shall be in a couple of weeks as our artists will now start working on the 2 remaining Dungeons and their new monsters : the Hell Gate and the Desert !

2013. augusztus 23. - bodsey

To celebrate the version 0.2.3 and being featured tomorrow on IndieGameStand[www.indiegamestand.com] tomorrow, a demo is now available on our site !

If you're intrigued by how QuestRun is, play it here ![cuvegames.com]

What's new in version 0.2.3

The Rogue is a new character that starts with a gun and can get items during fights.

The Elemental and the Smith are new Pets that can deal damages and craft items if you feed them.

We also added a new level to the Merchant !

Enjoy !

2013. augusztus 14. - bodsey

What's new

The Apprentice

We added a brand new character, the Apprentice. He's a bit tricky, as he is very weak at start but quickly gains levels. Unlockable for 3 crystals in the MetaShop.

Mage's Quest and Mage's Profile B : the Warlock

The Mage's Quest is one of the easiest available yet, but it's still a true challenge. It is rewarded with a new profile for the Mage : the Warlock. He is the toughest spellcaster available, but he's really slow.

Some fixes
We corrected some issues and modified some behaviours, including the healers in the Mad King dungeons.

What's next
Next week, 0.2.3 will include new Pets, a new level for the Merchant, a new Quest, and an exciting new character ! Daily updates on Twitter !

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