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Soul Saga
21 kwietnia 2016 - Disastercake

Store page:

Hello, Friend!

I have some very exciting news... Soul Saga’s coming soon Steam page is now live! This is a very exciting time for me to be far enough along with my dream project, that YOU helped make, and be this close to sharing it with the world. Thank you! Please let your JRPG loving friends know so they can add it to their wishlist! =)


In the future, all updates will be posted directly on the Steam page. Thank you very much for your support during the Greenlight! I'm eternally grateful for all you've done for Soul Saga! =D

Mike (Disastercake)

24 lipca 2015 - Disastercake

Hello again, friend!

I just wanted to let you know that I made some bug fixes to the Beta v7 I sent you yesterday. This hotfix resolves some bugs and increases performance. If you're a beta tester then you can find it in your Humble Bundle store with the title of Soul Saga Beta v7.1! Also, thank you to all of Soul Saga's awesome beta testers for helping me with this very important part of development. Soul Saga owes its polish to their hard work!


Mike (Disastercake)

23 lipca 2015 - Disastercake

Continued from previous post...

Difficulty Levels
Mithos’ Saga now has differences between difficulty levels. These enhancements follow my design philosophy that difficulty levels should be a different experience, not just increased HP like many games try to do.

  • Puppy Eyes (Active) – The target is distracted by the adorable cuteness of the Torne Pup and miss their next turn. Can’t be used more than once every 4 rounds.

  • Puppy Eyes (Active) – The target is distracted by the adorable cuteness of the Torne Pup and miss their next turn. Can’t be used more than once every 2 rounds.


  • Cute Noises (Passive) – Lowers parties attack power by 50%. Debuff only active while Torne Pup is active. Does not stack with other Torne Pups.
  • Puppy Eyes (Active) – The target is distracted by the adorable cuteness of the Torne Pup and miss their next turn. Can’t be used more than once every 2 rounds.


Baby’s Cry – Squabbling will call for help, which will call another Squabbling. Takes 1 turn to complete.
Only casts Baby’s cry when at low health.

Baby’s Cry – Squabbling will call for help, which will call another Squabbling. Takes 1 turn to complete.
50% chance to cast Baby’s Cry.

Baby’s Cry – Squabbling will call for help, which will summon a Squabbit. Takes 1 turn to complete.
50% chance to cast Baby’s Cry.


Squabble Love – If an ally is critical health, will heal them. Once per battle.

Squabble Love – If an ally is below 40% health, will heal them. 2 turn cooldown.

Squabble Love – If an ally is below 40% health, will heal them. No cooldown.

Honey Jacket

Simply attacks.

Honey Sting (Active) – 25% attack power dealt each round for 4 rounds. Poison stacks.
50% chance to use Poison Stinger.

Honey Sting (Passive) – 25% attack power dealt each round for 4 rounds. Poison stacks.
Always uses Poison Sting.

Honey Striker

Sting Assault – Attacks the target 4 times for 25% base damage each hit. Does not leave poison.

Sting Assault – Attacks the target 2 times for 50% base damage each hit, and leaves an application of poison for each hit.
Honey Sting – 100% attack power dealt as base, and leaves a debuff that deals 25% attack power dealt each round for 4 rounds. Poison stacks.
50% chance to cast sting assault or Honey Sting
Sting assault has a 3 turn cooldown.

Sting Assault – Attacks the target 4 times for 25% base damage each hit, and leaves an application of poison for each hit.
Always casts Sting Assault.

Main Storyline in Quest Log

Being able to take a break from a long RPG and come back to it with clearly defined goals guiding you forward is an important characteristic of modern game design. In Soul Saga, the main storyline will have an entry in the quest log to always keep you moving forward. Each milestone in the questline will reward you with experience, and sometimes Jul or other rewards.

Storyline Boss Battle Updated

I’ve also had time to update the boss fight at the end of the beta to take advantage of Soul Saga’s unique Shenanigan skill. The goal is to use Shenanigan and healing skills on Benny to keep him alive and get the Beehive off his head. While the Beehive is on Benny, it will continue to spawn bees every few turns. There are differences between the enemies involved in the fight, and in addition Benny has varying HP to scale the battle difficulty even more.

Shenanigan Gives More Detail

Now that the shenanigan skill has more functionality (and soon even more), it now gives a detailed tooltip to describe what action you would take with it if you were to use it on the provided target.

Weapon Upgrading

You can now upgrade each character's weapon by finding the ingredients required for the next tier. Each character has different ingredient requirements, and these usually require harvesting materials from dungeons like the Pleasant Woods. The way a weapon works is that it has a pool of points that are allocated automatically by your equipped Stratagem. This makes sure that the stats your weapon provides are in favor of the role you've chosen for your character.

Behind the Scenes

And of course, there has been a huge amount of tasks completed behind the scenes as well. Here is a quick list of a few:
  • I added some advanced JSON serialization for serializing the complex dungeon manager that stores objects across different scenes.
  • Performance enhancements across the board.
  • Graphical touch-ups in various places.
  • Late game content being implemented and polished.

Thank You!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot put into words how grateful I am for the opportunity you’ve given me to create such a rich and fun game like Soul Saga. I can’t wait to finally get it to you, and I will have news in a couple updates about when that is!

What Do You Think?

Your feedback is very important to me. I make sure to spend the time to read every Soul Saga fan’s feedback personally, and I would especially love to hear your thoughts on this update! So please join me and other Soul Saga fans on the Disastercake forums to discuss it! You can find this update’s thread here:


23 lipca 2015 - Disastercake

Hello, Friend!

How have you been? This past month has been a huge step forward for Soul Saga, and I'm super excited to share it with you. Hold onto your seat, because this is going to be a biiiiig update!

Beta v7 Live!

The latest version of the Soul Saga Beta is now available to Beta Testers in your Humble Bundle account! This rather large update contains all of the following information.

Elise's Combat Skills

Elise now has a unique resource system! Elise is especially unique in that she has complete customization over her skillset while other characters have 4 permanent skills. She has 3 extra amber slots that can have either amber or her inventions equipped in them. When she uses one of her inventions, her custom resource bar, called "Mess", increases based on the tools used. Some tools create more of a mess in her bag than others. Elise can then lower the bar by attacking enemies. By attacking enemies, Elise knocks loose all of the items in her bag so she can get to them. Once the mess has reduced to zero, she can then use an invention again. Elise is a very powerful in that, unlike Mithos, she can blow her top skills early and then recover from them rather than having to build up a resource, but her inventions are sometimes not the most reliable!

An example is Elise's first skill called Firecrackler. This tool explode 5 times randomly spread across all enemies. An enemy takes 50% less damage with each hit. Good luck can play a factor in the damage getting spread around for maximum potential, or that enough blasts are cast on the correct enemy to finish them off.

Inspiration Quests

Elise's tools can be invented by finding special quests called Inspiration quests. These quests usually require Elise to gather components to create her new invention. When the quest is complete, Elise will create the tool and can then equip it to enable the skill in combat. It is planned that Elise must be in the party for these quests to progress. This may change in the future based on fan feedback. Inspiration quests will be implemented in a future update.

Field Skills

My goal with Soul Saga is to add so much variety to exploring that it becomes just as much fun as combat. In previous updates I worked on more intelligent field AI so you have to avoid enemy line of sight, and also determine when to walk or run to avoid making sound. This update implements in Field Skills, which are unique for each playable character. They can be activated by right clicking while in a dungeon, like the Pleasant Woods.


Mithos’ field skill is his self-named Supreme Super Slash. Mithos will swing his sword in front of him in an attempt to hit an enemy. If the hit does connect, then it guarantees that his team gets the first turn in combat. If the enemy is hit from the side, it will initiate an ambush similar to that of approaching the enemy from behind.


Elise’s field skill is called Friend-In-A-Box. Elise puts down a crate, then after 2 seconds a dummy of Mithos pops out to distract nearby enemies for 4 seconds. While distracted, the enemies cannot hear the player’s running, but will ignore the dummy if the player is seen. If another dummy is placed, the original will be destroyed immediately.


As you explore pleasant woods you’ll find some randomly placed items on the field that will respawn only after you’ve exited the dungeon. Examples are honey near the Honey Tree, flowers, fruits, grass, etc. The application usage of these items varies. They can be used in crafting different weapon upgrades, cooking lunchboxes, requirements for quests, or sold to shops for Jul. An item that can be harvested can be identified with its subtle sparkle on the ground and yellow dot on the minimap, and simply needs to be walked over to be picked up.

Buff Pickups

Besides items, there are pickups that are consumed immediately. In Pleasant Woods these take the form of mushrooms. These mushrooms may heal some of the party’s health, AP, or speed up movement temporarily.

  • Red mushroom that speeds up field movement for several seconds.
  • Green mushroom that heals party for 10% of the party’s HP.
  • Blue mushroom that recovers 10% of the party’s AP.

Continued in next post...

26 czerwca 2015 - Disastercake

Update continued from previous post...



Combat now has a pause menu! In previous beta versions you couldn’t access settings or exit the game while in combat. In Soul Saga Beta v6 you can access all of these menu options, plus a few more like your quests and achievements to double check what you need to do while in combat. This can be accessed by pressing the ESC key while in combat, or pressing on the Icon when available.


Combat Tooltips have also seen a little bit of a makeover:
Combat Tooltips now appear at the top of the screen top instead of over the other UI. This helps clean up any tangents and keep the screen organized.
The advanced tooltips will now show or dismiss immediately when shift is pressed instead of having to hover over them again.


My goal with Soul Saga is to make the controls so streamlined that it can be played with only a mouse (if you like to play that way). Other input options will also be available in time, but it just feels good when a developer takes the time to make mouse implementation work smoothly. To help move the UI in that direction I have added buttons to the combat menu for canceling selections and going back through the menu so that it can be completely used by a mouse. There is also a menu icon that pops up during the character selection screen so you can go to the combat pause menu via mouse without having to press Esc.


Another great addition to the UI is the new Radar Minimap. This is a minimap to the top right of the screen that can be toggled on and off by clicking on it, or pressing the M button. This hotkey will be changeable later when the key bindings window is reworked. I chose a very subtle design so that it doesn’t steal attention, but is still useful and clear with its information. This minimap also works well on the world map by rotating with the camera so forward is always up on the minimap.


Several enhancements were made will file saving and loading.
  • Optimized the way files are saved and loaded by ~60% performance gains. This will help make sure autosaving does not cause any hiccups. Previous beta save files will be obsolete, so please be sure to not use them in a new game.
  • Error handling added. The Save Slot will display that the file has an error. You can delete it via the normal methods through the game. For safety reasons, it doesn’t automatically try to delete the file in case of bugs that can be fixed.

Error handling will continued to be built on over time to ensure quality performance for players.


My goal with save files was to put them in a location that was easily accessible. In previous betas I put them directly into the game’s directory, but this caused problems when running the game from a location that couldn’t be written to, like directly from the zip folder. It also meant that in the future, removing an old version of Soul Saga would delete the save files if they weren’t manually backed up. I wanted to make this a better experience for you, so I sought after a new solution.
I found a remedy for the issue where it now saves Soul Saga files in the My Documents in windows, and the equivalent location for Mac and Linux. This will allow users to easily carry save files between save games and not accidently delete them if they delete deprecated versions of Soul Saga. This should also allow players to run Soul Saga directly from un-writable locations like the zipped download folder.
I would really appreciate it if the Mac and Linux beta testers could please report to me whether this save file path works for you, and where it is saving it exactly on those systems so I can add it to the FAQ.
Beta testers should still delete save files between Beta updates because of how drastic the changes are in the game.


I’ve also gone through and fixed many bugs reported by Beta Testers, implemented additional features, and also working vigorously on content for the final version of the game. We’re getting very close to being able to state a solid release date, and I’m excited to be able to share that with you when the time comes!


As you may already know, I am the only programmer on Soul Saga. It’s pretty tough having to do everything myself, and a friend and backer of Soul Saga, nicknamed Slynk, has taken some time out of his busy schedule to help me with part of the user interface code. He created an optimized scrollview list so that many items can be displayed in a scrollview, and it only takes a small number of resources to display them all. This cleared up some time on my end, so I’m very grateful for his help on this. Thank you very much, Slynk!


Thank you very much for being a great fan! I couldn’t have gotten Soul Saga where it is today without your support, and I’m eternally grateful you’ve been there for me through its entire development. I can’t wait to get the final version of Soul Saga in your hands!


I love to hear your feedback, so please join us on the forums to discuss it! You can find this update’s thread here:

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