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The Sun at Night
The Sun at Night Release Set for Feb 4, 2014
21 november, 2013 - Minicore Studios

Hi Friends of Minicore Studios!

Today’s a big day for us. We’re finally lifting a veil we’ve had up for a couple of months (more on this in a second) and giving you tons of info about our current project, The Sun at Night.
The Sun at Night is the game formerly known as Laika Believes: The Sun at Night. Laika LLC, the animation studio responsible for the criminally underrated Coraline, felt there was enough confusion by use of the word “Laika” in our title to warrant a rebrand by our team. Despite feeling like this confusion is minimal at most considering the historical nature of the name, we want to avoid an escalating legal situation. This ongoing conversation has been the reason for our radio silence about The Sun at Night. I’m happy to be ending that silence today.

The Sun at Night is still very much Laika the space dog’s story.

We’ve been working on this game for a long time; longer than we wanted to, to be honest. This space pup has been the center of our universe for a while now and we’re ready to get the game out to everyone who can’t wait to see what adventures are in store for her.

We’re excited to announce that The Sun at Night will launch for PC on February 4, 2014.

We still have a while to go on Steam Greenlight, so any help you can provide by way of “Yes” votes and positive energy would be greatly appreciated.

Beyond PC, we’re working on ports for Mac, Linux, and PSN/Vita. We’ll have more news on those fronts as things become more concrete.

If you’re new to The Sun at Night, the game follows an alternate history where Laika the space dog returns to earth to find a very different world than the one she involuntarily left. Combining elements of 2D platformers, Metroidvania-type experiences, Deus Ex-esque character progression, JRPGs, and adventure games, The Sun at Night is a dream for those who love tight gameplay with their engrossing, exploration-heavy worlds.

From here on out, we’ll be in touch a lot about the progress of the game as we get closer to launch. We’re in the home stretch! Thanks for all your support so far!

John & The Minicore Team