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Race To Mars
24 февруари 2014 - INTERMARUM


Welcome to the Race!

If you’re up to the challenge, soon you will be able to get your Steam Access for managing New Space company.

In a few days it will be possible to purchase Race To Mars here for 19,99$. This price might be higher in the future, when the game is released in full version.

16 октомври 2013 - INTERMARUM

Today, Race To Mars - an economy/strategy game where you lead a newly founded Space company onto it's road to Mars - has reached its 5th update.

The game is funded by selling alpha access and has been already bought by over 200 fans. In the current version you can see the new scene design, the techtree and our system for spaceship design. The game is still very early in development and your generosity will greatly help speed up development.

If you are interested, we invite you to buy the game at http://racetomars.pl or to track our progress at facebook.com/racetomars or twitter.com/racetomars.

13 октомври 2013 - INTERMARUM

Check our new screenshots & video. New build coming soon :)

6 септември 2013 - INTERMARUM

If you haven't bought the Alpha version yet, you can do it at our http://www.racetomars.pl/ webpage!

In the last two weeks we've done the following:

the project manager and engineer generator system (the astronauts still wait for their turn ;))
a salary and workforce development system - for engineers and project managers (still, it won't be very visible to you yet)
new gui for engineers and project managers
random events appeared (with no impact to the game yet) all text in the game is now imported to an .xml file
which with our tool will soon allow to translate RTM into any language
we've changed some graphical details and the water
we've added new building shapes for appearance tests
The next build should be also available for linux.

If you bought your presence in the game as a NPC, please send us an email - contact@intermarum.com, for us to know what function would you like to perform inside the game.

We encourage to follow our websites:


Szymon Janus
ceo . intermarum

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