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Сообщество выразило свой интерес к этой игре. Valve связалась с её разработчиком и начала подготовку к выходу проекта в Steam.

Система Steam Greenlight прекращает свою работу. О новом способе публикации игр можно узнать из нашего блога.
Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel
30 декабря 2016 - Red Little House

2016 is almost gone, we hope you all are having a happy holiday season! This year has been one of a lot of hard work. In fact, we haven’t showcased the game as much as 2014 and 2015 because we wanted to focus on the development, and each time we take the game to an expo have to stop working on it to be there. Nevertheless, as we approach the end of the game development, we’ll be more eager to show the game, as far as our almost absent funds allow us, so more of you can play the game and give us your opinion.

Talking a bit about the game itself, Cherry has a new skill that has been planned for quite a while but has been finally implemented this month, and it’s a very useful skill this winter: Ice skating! Here you can see how she uses her newly adquired ability (mind the placeholders, the blue tiles are meant to be ice and Cherry will have her own animation when ice skating):

Happy 2017 and see you in the next progress report!

29 ноября 2016 - Red Little House

Hello you all, and welcome to our latest monthly report.

This month we bring you some good news: all characters' scripts have been finished! But although the characters are the most important part of the script, the job isn't finished yet as we are now studying our own world to look for the innanimate objects that Cherry should be able to examine, as they're those little details that breathe life into this world.

Meanwhile, we are working on more tilesets for the different rooms you can find throughout the hotel which require artistic skills to make them look as old cartoons and at the same time, technical skill to make sure all the tiles fit together without noticing the seams.

And now, we keep working. See you next time!

31 октября 2016 - Red Little House

With Halloween comes our latest Progress Report!

This month we've been adding more rooms to the game and here we'll show you how we do that.

First of all comes the story, to know why we are visiting that room and what elements it needs to help the storytelling. Once we have decided all the things that go into that room (decoration, puzzles, inventory items...), we draw some variants until we find what we are aiming for.

As the sketch is a general view of the room, it doesn't abide to the game engine rules, so then we make a map following those rules, that allow us to see if Cherry will be able to navigate the room without unexpected problems.

Finally, the art assets are created, both following the original sketch and the game rules, so we get a playable room.

See you in a month!

30 сентября 2016 - Red Little House

Hey there! Did you miss us last month? We just needed some time to rest, to return now full of energy. Also, we weren't the only ones that needed some time off, Fleish and Cherry also wanted their vacation!

And here we are again, working full steam ahead towards finishing the second level while fully defining the rest of the game rooms that doesn't have environmental puzzles, as the ones that had puzzles had been already designed (yes, all of them!)

See you next month!

29 июля 2016 - Red Little House

Hello everybody!

July is coming to an end so here we are again.

The script is almost finished and it's getting ready to be implemented in the game. Other than that, this month has been used to design some of the puzzles that would be playable outside the main story. These puzzles will be a lot tougher than the ones you will find during Cherry's quest for Fleish.

On another note, you may have noticed that this monthly report is very similar to past month's. That's because, as we are full in production, there are a lot of things we can't tell you as we would be spoiling all the fun to all of you who want to play the story. And that's why we want to ask you: What do you want to read in these monthly reports from now on? From time to time, we expect to have some news, but not in a monthly basis, and still we want to keep you posted on the game progress in a spoiler-free fashion.

You can give us your opinion on the matter in the comments section, on our social networks or the mean you deem proper.

Until next month!

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