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Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag
16 octombrie, 2013 - MENthish

As of today, October 16th, 2013, Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag has been Greenlit!

We would like to thank the community and everyone on Steam for the votes and continued support. The development team is working on the steps to get the mod submitted as well as the plans for the future of the mod now that we have achieved this long-awaited goal!

Thank you again for all of your continued support for this project!

- the HL2:CTF team

4 septembrie, 2013 - MENthish

An update to the Steam platform in early July 2013 causing HL2CTF servers not to list has been fixed. Now, if you have the mod installed, you can right-click the Steam icon your Windows tray and select servers and filter out HL2CTF 2.1 and view the available HL2CTF servers again!

We will be announcing another set of events this weekend for those in the HL2CTF Steam Group. So, look forward to some large-scale games going on over the coming weekend. For those who are looking for more players to test out the mod, this coming weekend would be a good time to get in-game.

To make sure you receive notification of the upcoming events, be sure to join the HL2CTF Steam Group.

We look forward to seeing everyone in-game Friday and Saturday night!

28 august, 2013 - MENthish

Upon the release of nearly 100 titles here on Steam Greenlight for stress testing, today HL2CTF has now moved into the #1 spot! We cannot thank the community enough for their ongoing support. We hope that everyone who has yet to vote will take some time to play the game and vote to help us hold this spot until the next release of titles here on Greenlight.

The mod is available to try out as a free download off and be sure to install the free "Source SDK 2006" from the TOOLS menu in your Steam library before launching the mod. Servers are currently available to join and get some good games running. Check the HL2CTF channel on YouTube to view the tutorials if you are new to the mod.

We hope to see everyone trying out the mod this weekend and thanks again for the support!

28 iulie, 2013 - MENthish

In celebration and appreciation for the tremendously positive support for the mod here on Steam Greenlight, we have setup a number of game-night events via the HL2CTF Steam Group.

Show your support for the mod by joining the HL2CTF Steam Group and get in on the events being scheduled each week. Download the mod from and be sure to install the free 2006 Source SDK and get ready for some pulse-pounding action as the upcoming events launch!

Thanks to all of the players and supporters for the votes!

23 mai, 2013 - MENthish

With the Greenlight voting still going strong, the development team would like everyone monitoring the mod to give it a try over the weekend. We have the servers setup with games running all weekend.

Simply go to and download a copy and make sure you have the "Source SDK Base 2006" installed by checking your Steam LIBRARY -> TOOLS (if you do not have it installed simply right-click and install the SDK, it's free) then download the mod from, install and play!

It's 100% free and we hope to see everyone giving the mod a shot over the weekend. Especially those who have entered an "Ask Me Later" vote here on Greenlight!

Also, many thanks to all those who have continued the tremendous voting surge we have seen over this first week on Steam Greenlight! The entry is near the Top 100 and we thank everyone who has voted and continue to promote the mod!

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