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Son of Nor
July 23, 2014 - Kikitosaurio

Hello everybody!

We would like to announce that Son of Nor is coming to Steam Early Access this Thursday, July 24th! Keep your eyes open for our game :)

We are also officially stopping updates to this page. To stay up to date, please join our Community Hub on the Son of Nor Steam page here:

We would also like to invite you to join our official forums and talk about our game. You can do so here:

Thank you for following us, backing and supporting us to this day and beyond!

- The whole team at stillalive studios

June 30, 2014 - Kikitosaurio

We’ve got an explosive package this week: The Fire Pillar spell variation.

  • All kinds of weird animation strangeness. We keep laughing at them because we get so bizarre results sometimes. It’s mostly configuration work, but see for yourself.
  • After the essence ghost, the fire nova and the wind field we have new spell variations to show.
  • Jason made an incredibly cool effect for the fire pillar spell variation. You’ve got to plan casting it though, it takes some time.
  • Julian also shows a new wind and essence magic spell variation. The “wind self tornado” (internal name) and an essence spell that doesn’t even have an internal name yet.
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June 24, 2014 - Kikitosaurio

Great new sounds and lots of awesome polishing was done this week thanks to let's players!

  • New player models are being implemented. Textures are still missing, though.
  • New animations are being tried, some are not set up correctly ;)
  • There's now an audbible indicator when your life is low.
  • Some more quirky settings with the player character, you turn into the female model when you die. 2 steps forward, 1 step back.
  • We were watching a lot of let's play footage and a guy streaming Son of Nor beta and started improving many things they complained about: puzzles, information, player guidance, bugs.
  • We have to break levels up because they just crash Unity 3D because of their size. We have to make them smaller. There were levels nobody could even start anymore in the editor.
  • Intermezzo.
  • Visual tweaks were applied to Yant'shaza to make it look hotter and more jungly.
  • There's an easy way to kill scarabs nobody has found yet. We're going to keep it secret, too. It's fun discovering it.
  • Sarahul Mages now have their proper sounds when they cast spells like Ray of Light and Solar Flare!
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June 16, 2014 - Kikitosaurio

Play some game jam games for free this week :)

  • Son of Nor Closed Beta is out! People downloaded their beta on Steam and are playing the game.
  • Look at how the menu currently looks like, some work was done there.
  • One backer who’s in the closed beta group did a pretty cool Let’s Play as he’s a YouTuber. Watch it here
  • This weekend the whole team was busy with our own internal stillalive studios game jam. 3 teams, 3 games. You can look at them in the video and download and play them here.[]
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June 9, 2014 - Kikitosaurio

Son of Nor BETA is out! We announced a great distribution deal this week and new spells have landed!

  • Our closed beta has arrived! Beta backers: download and test the game!
  • We announced a great partnership this week with Viva Media and bitComposer. They'll help us with the distribution of Son of Nor. Read more here[]
  • New spell: Fire Nova. Powerful but use it with caution.
  • New spell: Wind Field. A shield and crowd control in one.
  • New spell: Summoning. Summons a ghost that helps in fights.
  • To keep our sanity, dev diaries from now on will be released MONDAYS so that we can take the weekend off, too. It all got a little intense. Besides, everybody likes to watch videos on Monday instead of working. So this is good timing.
  • We also renamed the generic "Dev Diary" to "SASDiary" and specify the game "Son of Nor". You never know when we might start developing a new game for which we then need another name! ;) ;)
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