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Frequency Domain
June 24, 2013 - surge17

This is a MASSIVE update.

You can now load your own mp3 files into the game and edit the track in game using the in-game editor.
Once you've made your tweaks, you can then export them into a small .txt file. These parameters files can then be loaded in-game as well, which allows you to create your own experience for a given song and then share it with others.

I included some of these parameters files with the build, which are meant to be used with a few songs in Daft Punk's Random Access Memories. This means you can load the corresponding mp3 on your end and play the level I designed for it (like you've seen in the gameplay videos).

Also, I've got in a new visual style, which you can toggle on/off if you prefer the old look.
Aaaaand I got to work with a Oculus Rift devkit last week, so there's an updated build for that too!

Please read the included README file, the controls and other info are detailed there.
I'll be recording/uploading a video tomorrow, in which I'll demo the edit mode in detail. I'll put the link here once it's up.

The Mac build hasn't been tested yet, so I have no idea how if it'll work properly. Also, the gamepad inputs on Mac will probably be scrambled due to drivers stuff.

NOTE: I've recently found out that the mp3 importing feature doesn't work on the Mac build, sorry!
Fixing this won't be easy since I don't actually have a Mac machine to test quickly on.

Also, the next few weeks are going to be crazy (moving to the other side of the planet. etc), so it'll be some time before I can post a major update.

------- Videos -------

New gameplay video:

In-Game Editor Tutorial:

------- Builds -------

Normal Builds:



Oculus Rift Builds:



June 9, 2013 - surge17

Alright, here's a quick list of the new stuff in the v0.3.5 build:

- New music + tutorial track! (still work in progress)
- Added camera control (right analog stick / mouse)
- Audio based parts ring color
- Tweaked Warping to be more abrupt/violent (still no happy with it though)
- Reverted default FOV back to 90 (was 60 in previous build)
- Various tweaks, polish and back-end changes.

I HIGHLY recommend that you play on Windows with a gamepad, it's the way I've been playing it all this time and the controls are tuned for that. The only problem with the Mac version right now is that the drivers situation means that the barrel roll and the right stick camera rotation probably won't work properly.

As always, please post your feedback in the dedicated discussion thread:

As for the Oculus Rift build, I'm hoping get some hands on time with the devkit later in the week, probably a new build for it by next weekend.


v0.3.5 Build Links:



And a gameplay video of it in action with Lose Yourself To Dance (weird audio lag in the video, not sure why Youtube is having trouble with it)

May 28, 2013 - surge17

Got to work with a Oculus Rift devkit today!

Most of the features are working, except the barrel rolling which is inactive (maybe for the better).
I did most of this implementation as fast as I could this afternoon, sorry in advance for the lack of polish.

The last thing I was able to implement was head-tilt based movement, give it a try!

Frequency Domain OCULUS RIFT Builds:



(Renamed the Mac build zip file so that OSX doesn't get confused. Thanks for the pro tip Trumgottist !)

Regular builds are available at:

Please leave feedback/impressions at:


May 26, 2013 - surge17

New builds (v0.3.5) are here:

I've got Windows and Mac builds up.
I recommend playing the Windows build with a gamepad (tested with the Xbox 360 controller), the gamepad triggers don't work the same/right on Mac right now because of some driver shenanigans.



(Renamed the Mac build zip file so that OSX doesn't get confused. Thanks for the pro tip Trumgottist !)

Please read the included README text file before you start!

Let me know if you get any crashes or weird bug. Of course, I'm looking forward to your feedback!
I've created a discussion thread for feedback, so please post there!


May 16, 2013 - surge17

New video links!

What's new about this gameplay video

This new feature is the last big thing I'm planned to add before submitting to Indiecade at the end of this month.
The new elements are basically 3 semi ring like superstructures composed of smaller parts (used to create the flying creatures). They are each mapped to different areas of the frequency spectrum: the lowest ring is for the lower frequency/bass sounds, the middle one is for the mid range which covers a good portion of the field and the highest ring (barely visible) is mapped to the far high end of the spectrum.
Ideally, they are meant to convey a rough feeling of what's going on with the sound (as opposed to the terrain which is rather detailed). I think this might really come through on the Occulus Rift build, but I won't be able to test that until that devkit ships to Canada! (not mine, but a indie dev friend, also in Montreal)

What's next

From now on it's going to be mainly polish work and getting all the actual audio I'm hoping to use as I'm working with a few indie music guys to make some tracks for the game.
Hopefully I can get decent chunk of the polish/tweaking work done sometime next week, at which point I'll put out a public beta build to get more feedback.

Linux users to the rescue!(?)
One more thing, I haven't been able to test the game on a Linux machine yet, if you're interested in helping out, let me know and I'll send you a build (the one in the latest video)!

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