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Damned: A Randomized Online Competitive/Cooperative Horror Game
12. Juli 2013 - 9heads

And the winners of the Damned alpha key giveaway are:
Lovro Herbai
Mikael Luoma
Denise Silvestre Martinez
David Garcia
Alexander Ingham

You'll receive an exclusive Damned alpha key in your emails, then you'll just need to activate them in your Desura accounts.


12. Juli 2013 - 9heads

Our first update got released. Here's the changelog:
Map/Level Design

- Removed some key spawn points in the ground.
- Added another big asset in the corridor.
- Added more tables and boxes in the Saloon.
- Changed the mesh and icon for a specific key.
- Fixed lots of places where the monster could get stuck.
- Fixed lots of minors issues with the level, objects and assets.

Monster Mechanics

- Reduced the maximum amount of time that the monster can stay visible.
- Increased the time penalty when going into ghost mode without having the energy fully depleted.


- Textures in the main loby should now be displaying correctly.
- Textures in the crown should now be displaying correctly.
- Texture of the bar floor should now be displaying correctly.


- Reduced chat font size.
- Added a chat box in the lobby screen.
- Added a warning in the title screen so people remember to adjust their alpha.
- Reset chat window when showing the lobby screen.

Gameplay & Bug Fixes

- Fixed dead bodies collisions being thrown around or going under the floor.
- Tweaked flashlight flare.
- Changed default gamma to 0.8.
- Slightly increased the ranges triggering the musics related to monster proximity.
- Added some debug messages in the background window to track the reliable packets sent (may help us detect bugs with the net code).
- Fixed bug causing a player to get locked in the "Wait for the host to start..." when entering a match that has already started.
- Fixed bug causing crash in a dead player client when other players are getting his/her items or when he/she attempts to leave the match.
- Lots of minor bug fixes.

Don't have Damned yet? Get it on Desura.[www.desura.com]


9. Juli 2013 - 9heads

Guys, we are running a giveaway for some Damned alpha keys.
This Friday we'll announce the 5 winners.

Damned alpha giveaway[www.rafflecopter.com]

Enter the giveaway and help us share it, if you already own the game and win you can give it to your best friend so you can get scared together.

8. Juli 2013 - 9heads

Hey folks,

Damned alpha finally got released on Desura![www.desura.com]
The alpha price is set to ~10$, and this price will rise as the game goes further into the development cycle until it reaches final price (which we still don't know yet).

You only need to buy the game once, so please, go ahead and buy it on Desura to support us. The CD key you receive on Desura will also work on Steam when we get Greenlit!

Just to remember you guys, the game is on alpha, it has flaws and bugs and it is incomplete, but it is fun, we just need to populate the server with players!

We need more suggestions and feedback, so if you enjoyed our project, please, get it on Desura, play it and test it, and drop your thoughts here on our Suggestions Discussion, we're reading each one, and some of them are already being featured in this alpha version. We need this kind of help, we want you guys to get involved and contribute to each step on Damned development cycle. So, buying the alpha will allow you to play the game early, test it, help decide what we do next and have fun discovering its flaws, bugs and glitches ;)

And remember, don't hesitate to buy it on Desura, we guarantee you will receive a Steam key as soon as we get Greenlit!

Here is the link to Desura again, just in case: Damned alpha[www.desura.com]

P.S.: Remember to let the application pass through Windows firewall for Public Networks, otherwise the game won't work properly...

29. Mai 2013 - 9heads

Hey folks,

It's been a while since we first announced Damned. And since then, an awesome community of supporters is being formed (you guys!). Lots of people showed interest in the game concept and idea and we received many really neat suggestions and feedback.

We promised a playable alpha version and we've been working really hard to make that happen. Finally, we came up with everything needed for the alpha and a roadmap for it.

So, first, let us list here everything the alpha will feature (so you'll better understand the roadmap and what we already have done):

  • One character (Mia), which will be temporarily reused for every survivor, featuring alpha-stage animations;
  • One monster, featuring alpha-stage animations;
  • Full randomization system;
  • A quarter of the first floor, fully crowded with assets and items;
  • Stamina system for the survivors;
  • Vital energy system for the monster;
  • Ingame text-chat visible only for the survivors;
  • Simple items and objectives (keys to open doors, etc);
  • One way to win the game for the monster (killing everyone);
  • At least one way to win the game for the survivors;
  • Scare triggers/traps to haunt the survivors while in the ghost form;
  • At least one monster skill to help him hunt down the survivors;
  • Simple flashlight, with unlimited battery;

To make all this, we need to complete a few tasks, then we'll be good to go.
These tasks (roadmap) are:
  • Add monster animations (alpha-stage);
  • Finish the kitchen layout (assets and items);
  • Finish the crown layout (assets and items);
  • Add ingame message log;
  • Add scare trigger/trap system;
  • Add scare triggers/traps;
  • Add more places to hide (as a survivor);
  • Finish the alpha version of the game GUI;
  • Remove incomplete rooms;
  • Replace functional doors at the ends of the alpha portion for static doors;
  • Revamp the monster view;
  • Revisit and fix all the stage illumination;
  • Add some kind of feedback for the player when holding a door;
  • Add sprint skill for the monster;

We listened to you guys and we added lots and lots of really good suggestions to the game. And there are many things we already decided to implement (like localized voice chat and insanity system), but we decided to postpone them for after the alpha release.

We want to share with you all the experience of playing Damned early in the development process. So we kinda reorganized everything to deliver the alpha as soon as possible. :)

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