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DreadOut on Indie Statik
5 de junio de 2013 - Chaz

June 5Th 2013
Greetings Horror fans, today we like to bring to your attention a cool little article published today for DreadOut:

Steam Greenlight is all the rage these days. So many indie game developers submit their creations in hopes that they will make the cut and be handed a slice of some of that sweet digital distribution. It goes without saying that getting on a platform like Steam is a huge advantage for an indie, and it’s up to YOU to up-vote the games and make it happen. But with so many titles being submitted every day, how do you find the games that really deserve the seal of approval?

I’ve teamed up with good friend and fellow YouTuber Jesse Cox of OMFGCata to bring the world a brand new web series called “The Greenlight!” Every Saturday, Jesse and I will spotlight a game currently on Steam Greenlight that deserves to get those thumbs up.

Oh, no, this had to happen eventually! It’s horror game time on The Greenlight, and thankfully, I have Jesse, who is willing to play through this week’s game, which leaves me to quiver and whimper in the background at what’s happening on-screen. Of course, we’re looking at fantastic Indonesian horror game, DreadOut, which is very much an indie version of Fatal Frame.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy our frightful experience with the game, and you can play the demo that we had a look at to by heading over to the game’s Greenlight page, where the many links for Windows, Mac and Linux are prominently displayed. And while you’re there, you may as well give it a thumbs-up too!

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