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25 Haziran 2013 - Might and Delight

Hi there!

How are you all on this great summer day? So we feel it's time for an update!
We are working very hard on the game and everything is coming together nicely! This week we will start focus testing Shelter for a closed group of people. Their feedback will be awesome to us.

We will have a new video for you guys next week, consisting of our Creative lead and lead level designer taking a stroll in a beautiful Swedish forrest, talking about how we came up with the idea for Shelter and what inspired us to make the game. We hope you will like it :)

I'll just leave this here and walk away.....

12 Haziran 2013 - Might and Delight

To give you some idea of what Shelter’s really about, we’ve updated the description of the game as well as some information about us at the office.

Hope you like it!

22 Mayıs 2013 - Might and Delight

We are happy to finally show you some gameplay. The trailer showcases key game play elements such as the hunt for food that is the most important aspect of life out in the wild for the badger mother and her cubs. The more they eat, the more they grow and the more active they become. We also wanted to show you some of the dangers you’ll encounter where the mother must work to shelter her cubs from the perils of the wild.

16 Mayıs 2013 - Might and Delight

Hi there guys!

So since our announcement on Steam Greenlight we have been working diligently on Shelter and a lot of stuff has been added to the game. We want to tell you that we are reading everything you post and taking that in consideration.

Our first video was merely a teaser to give some sense on what Shelter is. As I'm writing this update we are editing our first gameplay video that should answer some of the questions that have been going around. So we will share that very soon!

Today though we have added some concept pictures in the gallery that I hope you enjoy :)


15 Nisan 2013 - Might and Delight

We are very happy to announce our new game Shelter this cold day in April! We are mid-way trough in production and everyting is running smoothly. We will update our Greenlight page with everything from screenshots, videos and concept art as we get closer to release!

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