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Development diary up!
2 de Julho de 2013 - Might and Delight

Fellow Badgers! We promised you a new video, and here it is! Take a look at when our creative director and lead designer took a cozy walk in the Swedish forrest! They talk about how the idea for Shelter came to birth and other stuff. Also including new in-game footage that has not been seen before! Should also mention that it has English subtitles so everyone can understand :)


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6 comentários
unranked.png 8 Ago, 2013 às 15:40 
Might and Delight 6 Ago, 2013 às 4:08 
unranked.png 5 Ago, 2013 às 1:53 
Det här kommer bli as bra!
Niclas 5 Jul, 2013 às 10:10 
Känner att jag måste få spela det här snart!
Muffel 3 Jul, 2013 às 11:42 
The atmosphere seems a lot like the atmosphere in Proteus, which is a very good thing.
core 2 Jul, 2013 às 9:45 
badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom!