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27. januar 2015 - Blaze Epic

Also, a few improvements have been made to the game for the Steam release. Purchasers who had bought a copy on Desura and my website ( will be receiving Steam keys and the update with the improvements made to the game very soon.

Here's a link to it's store page.

Many thanks for everyone's support on here and everywhere else!

14. april 2013 - Blaze Epic

My name is Larry and "samurai_jazz" is my brain-child. It's a retro-styled Action/Adventure game with a cinematic look similar to film-noir and samurai-drama's. The action challenges players to strategize with the player character's strengths and weaknesses to overcome multiple waves of enemies. The adventure segments take the player through an unknown city, progressing by finding many different items, solving various puzzles, and doing some favors for the local townsfolk.

From a personal standpoint, I grew up during the 5th generation of consoles and had been reading a handful of gaming magazines, playing lots of demos, and watching quite a few trailers during that time period. Since then, my interests have shifted mostly towards 3rd generation games but my interest in 5th generation remains the same. After some experimentation with pixel art and Game Maker, I decided that samurai_jazz would have a graphical style of 5th-generation handhelds while mixing together gameplay elements observed during that time with some of my own concepts.

What you can expect from samurai_jazz is a lot of action segments that will keep you on your toes, acting upon strategies requiring both patience and twitch-finger reflexes, and an adventure in a dream-like city with many abstract predicaments to resolve and some areas to explore. You'll find some references to 90's gaming, parodying and borrowing elements of JRPG's, survival-horror, PC adventure titles, and arcade action games.

I hope that samurai_jazz is a fresh-yet-familiar experience that you can enjoy and challenge yourself with and replay several times. Follow this project for more news/info and vote for this game on Steam Greenlight! Thanks!

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