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From Earth
Looking for Level Designers and a Voice Actress
June 6, 2013 - Au-heppa

We are currently looking for talented Level Designers with time to spare and a voice actress for the generic citizens and workers in From Earth.

Right now we are still in the heavy puzzle design phase of the development so we are looking for people with good gameplay design skills. There's few different gameplay elements we are interested on finding help with:

1. New alien technology Items and Interactive Machines. These are about figuring out how to use the alien technology and what it for.
2. General logic puzzles where you need to use previously established alien tech Items and Interactive Machines.
3. Platforming / Climbing / Parkout puzzles
4. Fighting / Conflict

We are also for someone to fill the role of the female alien voices. The aliens have their own language designed just for this game. The actress would be provided with full vocabulary, a list of all the dialogue that is ready for recording, as well as samples of the male alien's already recorded lines.

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