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Agarest: Generations of War
21 mai 2014 - Ghostlight Ltd.

Taken from the latest Ghostlight blog http://blog.ghostlight.uk.com/post/important-agarest-news-an-announcement-sale

Hi everyone. We’ve got lots of Agarest news for you all today. First of all I’m pleased to inform you that both Agarest: Generations of War and Agarest: Generations of War Zero are now on sale on Steam. Agarest Zero is receiving a mighty 33% discount ($13.99 / £10.04 / 13,39€) and can be picked up from here while Agarest: Generations of War is receiving an incredible 66% discount ($5.09 / £3.73 / 5,09€) and is available from here.

It might come as little surprise to you , but while I’m on the subject of Agarest I’m very pleased to confirm that we will be releasing Agarest: Generations of War 2 on Steam later this year. This sequel to the bestselling original game introduces a whole new battle system as well as a raft of other features.

Once again we will be using the team over at Laughing Jackal to port this popular console JRPG to PC.

Now, as some of you may have noticed, Agarest 2 is not a dungeon crawler and has been released in the West :). So, those of you looking forward to finding out which dungeon crawler we’re bringing to Steam (as discussed in my previous blog) will be pleased to know that this announcement is still due to come on Thursday. So do keep your eye on the blog.

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One day, the world was enveloped by a mysterious blinding light causing terrible destruction. The central continent, from where the light is believed to have originated, fell silent whilst demons began to spread throughout the world like a plague.

Sometime afterwards, a young man by the name of Weiss, suffering from amnesia, encounters the enigmatic Eva, from whom Weiss learns that he has committed the grievous sin of deicide. In order to atone for his crime, he must become the "Vessel" in which the power of the divinity he slaughtered will be stored. For it will be that power which will be used to resurrect the one whose life he stole.

For those who betray the divine will pay for their sins in the space which separates salvation and damnation, as will their progeny...

Revamped Battle System: Unlike the first two games of the series, Agarest 2 battles are fought with an engaging active grid-based battle system.

HD graphics: Enjoy your favourite characters, environments and CGs in high-definition!

Mini-games: Engage in Bathtub, Shiatsu and Massage mini-games.

New Agarest Universe: Roam freely in the newly designed Agarest Universe

19 avril 2014 - rossbr

I'm pleased to let you all know that Agarest: Generations of War Zero is out now on steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/260130

Agarest: Generations of War Zero is the prequel to the number 1 best selling Agarest: Generations of War and features the following improvements:

•Numerous graphical improvements - including the addition of stunningly animated character portraits
•Vacation Days - improve the bonds with your party and unlock bonus items, costumes and locations
•New Races – a variety of new races are now available for your party
•Enhanced Towns – with more interactivity and additional areas to explore
•Card Skill System - customise the main character’s battle style and skills
•Extra Mode – a new hard difficulty unlocked by players who have cleared the first game, also allowing access to the world map, items and all characters from the original game.

And, of course, that doesn’t mention the new story set many years before the first Agarest game.

Agarest Zero also features new PC-exclusive features such as cloud saving, a full revamp of how DLC is managed within existing saves, plus the ability to decide which direction the controls are to be offset.

4 avril 2014 - Ghostlight Ltd.

Pre-orders for Agarest: Generations of War Zero, the prequel to Agarest: Generations of War, are now live. The game will be released on the 17th April priced at just $19.99. What’s more, if you pre-order the game you’ll get a 20% discount, meaning you’ll get Agarest Zero for the bargain price of $15.99.


3 octobre 2013 - Ghostlight Ltd.

Taken from the Ghostlight blog http://blog.ghostlight.uk.com/post/agarest-is-out-today

Hi everyone. I’m happy to say that your wait is nearly at an end: Agarest: Generations of War will be released on Steam in just a few hours. Unless, of course, it’s already past 6pm GMT when you read this, in which case the game is already out - surprise! Our thanks have to go out again to everyone who has supported our cause by already ordering the game and in fact at one point we managed to sneak in to the very top spot on Steam’s Top Sellers!

In the last couple of days I’ve been very busy organising the marketing materials to send out ahead of Agarest’s release. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I’ve had lots of Press interest, more than I usually get. It’s nice to be popular :) Hopefully the reviewers will love the game and appreciate all the hard work we’ve put into this conversion. No doubt you’ll be seeing their comments over the next few days so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Even if you’re still on the fence and waiting for those reviews to come in, I can tell you that Agarest will continue to be made available with a 20% discount for the next week. But you only have until the end of the pre-order period to make sure you also receive the selection of extra paid DLC absolutely free. So why not go and pre-order the game here


Speaking of DLC, there’s been a slight change of plans. Rather than offering the free DLC for download separately over the coming weeks, it will now be bundled into the game from the outset. That means that when you buy the game, all of the following items of DLC will be included:

Basic Pack - Contains 1 each of Resurrect, Capture, and Resist Direction, 2 each of Heal and Refresh, and 5 Vessels of Life.

Offense-Defense Pack- Contains 1 Adaka, 1 Shield Sword, 1 Bird Eye, 1 Magic Frame, 1 Critical Hit, and 2 Seeds of Happiness.
Additional-Points Pack 1 - Contains 10,000G, 100PP, 250TP, and 500EP.

Recovery-Skill Pack - Contains 2 Light Heals, 2 Harvest Heals, and 2 Cure Alls, as well as 1 Prayer, 1 Gospel, and 1 Counter.

Flower Pack - Contains 1 Lucky Charm, 1 HP Up, 1 Resist Ailments, 1 Restore HP 15%, and 1 Restore AP++, as well as 2 Moonlight Flowers, and 3 Tree Spirit Souls.

General-Purpose Pack - Contains 1 Magic Blade, 1 Partisan, 1 Battle Frame, 1 Bracelet of Feicui, and 1 Item Drop Rate Up, as well as 2 Shiny Fangs, and 2 Advanced Heals.

Add-on Dungeon 1 - An add-on dungeon for generation 1. An uncharted adventure awaits you on the Holy Island of Erin!

Add-on Dungeon 2 - An add-on dungeon for generation 2. A new frontier waits to be explored along the Trum Coast!

Add-on Dungeon 3 - An add-on dungeon for generation 3. It's time to reunite with old friends at Magna Val!

Add-on Dungeon 4 - An add-on dungeon for generation 4. Embark on an exciting journey to the mysterious Tresor Island!

Add-on Dungeon 5 - An add-on dungeon for generation 5. Embark on one last adventure into the Deep Forest Naruvia!

Remember, if you’re a hardy adventurer and prefer not use any particular items of DLC, the PC version offers the option to disable DLC when starting a new game. If (like me) you do like a helping hand from time to time, more DLC will be made available in the weeks following release so be sure to keep your eyes on the store for updates.

17 septembre 2013 - Ghostlight Ltd.

Hi everyone. After many months of hard work we’re finally ready to release Agarest: Generations of War on PC. One of the first JRPGs to be ported to PC for the west will hit the Steam store on the 3rd October, priced at just $19.99/£14.99/€17.99. Anyone pre-ordering the game will benefit from a generous 20% discount and a selection of free DLC items, making a total saving of well over $10.00, so well worth getting in early :)

Agarest: Generations of War is the first part of Idea Factory and Compile Heart’s classic console JRPG series. AGoW made it through Steam’s Greenlight process in just two weeks: an indicator of the huge demand for JRPGs on the platform, which is something we’re thrilled to be able to provide.

A massive thank you once again to all of you who supported us during that campaign, either by voting for us or helping to spread the word. It feels like I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but we really couldn’t have done it without all of your support :)

I’d also like to say thank you to the team over at Laughing Jackal who have done so much more than a straight forward port, and to the army of Beta testers who put the game through its rigours and found some interesting issues.

For the PC version of Agarest: Generations Of War, the clever chaps at Laughing Jackal [www.laughingjackal.co.uk] have added full mouse and keyboard support, maintained full gamepad support, added Steam achievements, taken advantage of the higher resolutions that PCs can offer and made a number of other user interface changes to ensure that PC gamers receive the best gaming experience possible. In my opinion this will be without a doubt the best version of Agarest available.

Pre-orders on Steam will go live on Monday the 16th September (that’s tonight! :) ) Not only will anyone who pre-orders the game receive the mighty 20% discount, but they will also receive the following DLC items absolutely free and available for use in-game at launch:

Upgrade Pack 1 (usual price $0.99 / €0.79 / £0.69)
Upgrade Pack 2 (usual price $0.99 / €0.79 / £0.69)
Dull-Things Pack (usual price $1.49 / €1.19 / £0.99)
Fallen-Angel Pack (usual price $1.49 / €1.19 / £0.99)
Magic-Fighter Pack (usual price $0.99 / €0.79 / £0.69)
Legendary-Monster Pack (usual price $1.99 / €1.59 / £1.29)
Basic Adventure Pack (usual price $1.49 / €1.19 / £0.99)

There will be a huge selection of DLC made available over the weeks following release of the title, but initially when the game goes live on October 3rd, there will be a first selection of DLC items which will be:

Basic Pack (Free)
Upgrade Pack 1 ($0.99)
Offense-Defense Pack (Free)
Additional-Points Pack 1 (Free)
Add-on Dungeon 1 (Free)
Add-on Dungeon 2 (Free)

Thanks again for all your support and roll on October 3rd!

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At the dawn of time, a terrible war raged between the forces of good and evil, ending in the destruction of the world of Agarest. After their victory, the Gods of Light unified the decaying bodies of the Gods of Darkness and created a new world.

Now, the forces of darkness are awakening once again…

Choose the path of Darkness or Light through a truly epic story, spanning multiple generations.

Battle hundreds of different creatures using an array of character abilities, in a compelling and innovative turn-based combat system.

Build your ultimate army of warriors and master Extra Skills, Special Arts and Over Kills to defeat colossal enemies!

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