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Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures
14 de abril de 2013 - ScrewAttackGames

Just wanted to let everyone know that we'll have our first official gameplay trailer coming this week. A lot of people don't realize that what you see in the frist trailer we released actually IS gameplay. Regardless, you'll learn much more about AVGN Adventures when the next trailer is released soon. Thanks again for your support!!!

9 de abril de 2013 - ScrewAttackGames

We've had an outstanding start to things here on Greenlight as we've thrust into the Top 50 in less than 24 hours. That's AMAZING! We want to thank everyone for your support so far. Hopefully Steam takes notice and we'll be able to release the game on Steam.

While we wait to hear from Steam we want to remind everyone to check out the great discussions going on. We love reading what you guys are talking about and can't wait to share more details shortly. We've also set up a discussion asking what cameos from the AVGN series you'd like to see in the game which you can contribute to here:

Some folks have asked about gameplay of the game and we'll be delivering a full gameplay trailer soon. We do want to let you know that what you're seeing in the first trailer is actual gameplay from the game. Obviously it was a controlled environment and not an actual stage but that was actually us shooting the zapper and killing that ghost only to have a ridiculous amount of blood spew everywhere. Rest easy :)

More details coming soon! Thanks again and let's keep this thing rolling!

7 de abril de 2013 - ScrewAttackGames

We're extremely excited to finally announce Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures and bring it to Steam Greenlight. AVGN Adventures is retro inspired - just like the AVGN online series! While we wish you could tell you everything right now that would ruin all the fun surprises. Don't worry, we'll release more details as we move along but for now we'd greatly appreciate you voting "yes". With your help we can release it officially here on Steam.

Whether you're a fan of The Nerd or a fan of video games in general, we're making a game that will make you happy! Thanks so much for your support!

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