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October 22, 2013 - Oversun Media LLC

- Hello dear passengers!

We are happy to welcome you on board the first cruise steamliner “Hyperion”!
My name is Arnica. I am a first-class air fairy. I will be your tour guide while we are flying to the central sectors of Metropolis. The steamliner’s captain is Icarus Daedalus, the captain of the second flying regiment “Pendragon Phoenixes”!

- Bridge is speaking!

Captain Daedalus is talking over the loud speaker. On behalf of the crew, I welcome all the passengers on the board of “Hyperion”. “Hyperion” is the best cruise steamliner of “Griffin” class. We are flying on route from Southern sectors to Central Metropolis. Flying conditions are normal. The route is being tracked by the famous first class navigator Ariadne Mycenaean. We wish you a nice flight!

Bridge, over and out!

- Air fairy Arnica is speaking again!

We ask you not to use your iLik and other remote connection personal devices for speaking during the flight. Our air fairies are ready to provide you with sandwiches and soft drinks upon request.

- Now take a look out the windows. We are flying over the southern part of A-mega island. You can see the great Metropolis city down there!

Being an ancient and majestic city, Metropolis has experienced plenty of events that affected its unique architecture and technological look. This is the endless city where dozens of cultures, languages and customs exist side by side for decades. Metropolis became a home for a lot of amazing folks. While visiting the Museum of Equipment, you will learn more about key dates and events as well as stages of settlement and city development.

- Also, you will definitely see the Ice Block. In the center of the block there is famous Snow Queen’s Palace, a masterpiece of ice architecture. You will also ride the freshly reconstructed ancient railway named Copper Way. In addition, you will have the excursion to Underground River. You will have the opportunity to see the main streets of the city as well as mimicking Grimm Brothers’ house and new building of Kinds Casino which is the most “scandalous” building in Metropolis!

- In the meantime, we are landing. There is bridge connection again.

- Steamliner “Hyperion”. Board number “E-mc2” is calling Metropolis Central. Over! We are requesting landing permission.

- Metropolis Central is speaking. We are reading you loud and clear, board “E-mc2”. The landing is denied. The runway is not available. Whole air transportation flow is temporarily blocked. Approximate time of landing to be permitted is unknown. We are having a patrol dreadnought with an airbarge jammed into its board and three dozen of crashed smaller vessels. Also there is a drunk goblin that is a long-haul pilot. He is singing gremlin’s marches while we are trying to get him off the barge’s wheelhouse. This sound is definitely not for ones with weak nerves! For you, the route to the Gas station-6 is opened. All fuel costs will be refunded by the Main Treasury. Do you copy? Over!

- Bridge is speaking. Dear passengers!

Captain Daedalus is speaking. Since Metropolis Central has technical problems, it cannot let us land right now. That is why we are moving to the Big excursion circle of Metropolis. Our air fairies will provide you with snacks and drinks that you choose. Also, they will tell you shortly about city history. Thank you for your understanding!

Bridge, over and out!

Arnica, a first-class air fairy
Metropolis Airlines

- When representatives of Metropolis Airlines called me and told that I got the job, I literally flew up to the ceiling with the joy I had! Since I was chosen among 40 seekers, I believe I deserved this victory!

At the moment, I am the student of linguistic department of MHIF (Metropolis Humanitarian Institute of Fairies). I fly between exam sessions!

- I-am-fly-ing! Do you understand that? My childhood dream has come true!

My parents and I lived near the airport. I saw huge ships emerging from the clouds like they were whales. They moved gently, overcoming space and time. There, inside of a ship, were hundreds of creatures of different races, the crew in flawless blue uniform and, of course, beautiful air hostesses. What a happiness to be one of them!

You will ask me what are my responsibilities?

They are greeting and escorting of passengers, junior air fairies work organizing as well as conducting of security instruction or excursus during the flight. It is very common for us to accommodate when somebody wants coffee, something from menu, a newspaper or a movie, you know? We need to satisfy their needs.

Sometimes we have very difficult guests. Older goblins, for instance, (laughs) often have to be calmed down so they do not tell stories about how insecure and unreliable modern ships are and that we are going to crash. However, I can easily manage these situations. I love to talk, always ready to listen, and know the languages of absolutely all Metropolis creatures. Of course, it is hard to briefly tell about all my responsibilities.

- If you want to fly, it is important to keep your appearance perfect. You always have to keep an eye on your uniform, have your cap unfolded, and hair straightened. Your shape has always to be perfect. And, of course, you have always to be in a good mood! This is absolutely not a problem for me. Flying is a lifestyle, you know?

Now, I have very funny habits. If I meet my girlfriends (what happens very rarely) and we go to a restaurant, they say that first I always try to find an emergency exit! Besides that, 10 minutes are enough for me to sleep. Work always has its impact.

I enjoy my life very much! I would wish everybody to fly into the heavens at least once. Nothing would compare with this experience.

*The interview is published on a commercial basis

Do you want to work at Metropolis Airlines?

To do that, just fill out an application form that you can find on the back of this brochure. You can then give it to anyone who wears Metropolis Airlines uniform! We will contact you for sure!

Metropolis Airlines: in the sky is like at home!

October 22, 2013 - Oversun Media LLC

In response to long-lasting request of game communities, today we are showing you our game screenshots.
To avoid a long foreplay, we are immediately moving to detailed overview of the screenshots.

The first screenshot shows one of the main game screens. This is the main character’s estate.

This is the interface of the warehouse where the resources obtained in the game are stored. As you can see, the volume of each cell storage may be increased.

This screenshot shows the cards improvement. On the left side of the screen, there is a Frank-Stein Converter. It allows spending just few seconds to improve your chosen favorite character using the strength and endurance of his recent comrades.

P.S. As you have undoubtedly noticed, screenshots have a lot of different resources, symbols, level items that are still without explanation.

All your assumptions and ideas regarding this, you may express in our official VKontakte[] group or right here in the comments!

September 3, 2013 - Oversun Media LLC

These fancy fairies are the part of A-mega world. Wait a little to see everything!

July 2, 2013 - Oversun Media LLC

Ancient Legends say that a long time ago, when the world was young, a Man lived there.
Everything about this Man pointed to the fact that he was not an ordinary person. His age, name, and deeds were absolutely unusual. He had an enormous amount of knowledge about the world of dreams. The fact that he was even spending all of his life dreaming was not that out of the ordinary. The most unusual fact was that the entire Man’s body was made up of myriads of bright grains that lit up with life. These grains gave him unlimited power in the world of dreams but… only therein.

One day, being in the world of dreams, he was wandering among the frozen dreams drifting along daydreaming. Suddenly, he felt like he was dead tired. He lay down on the ground and fell asleep. He was in such a deep sleep that he didn’t notice that some mysterious force transported him to the shore of a lonely island. This island was full of strange groves shimmering all around. While the Man was sleeping, ocean waves kept rolling over and over, carefully touching his feet.

No wonder they say that little strokes fell great oaks. After a while, gradually grain by grain, the Man was washed away by the rolling ocean waves.

However, if the grains that the Man was made up of would have been ordinary, this story would have been empty and now you would have nothing to listen to.
The magical thing is that every grain was so saturated with life that even when scattered in a boundless ocean, the grains began to gather back together. This process took many, many years. Until the one day when a blinding light flashed. Tens of thousands of splashes, reflections, and glares accompanied the slide of light along the sand. The light was dancing along the coastal cliffs and sparking among the waves that were loudly crashing over the shore. This dance embodied the joy of birth as well as the power of life itself. The first of many crystals had been born and many more followed it.

However, not every single grain was destined to become a crystal. Some of them evolved into living beings and filled them with their power. We have come to know these living beings as magicians. We believe that some spark has awakened magic in their hearts. Some of them still to this day are wandering throughout the world searching for their companions. They search both the living and the dead matters, hoping to find something that could bear all power of life and creation inside themselves. This is the original legend of the birth of Crystals.
Although, some sources say that this is not just a legend. They believe that this story is very true. But who will make it out now how it actually was many centuries ago.

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