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GoD Factory: Wingmen
The community we want and need
May 5, 2014 - Gheeyom

Hello everyone!

Today is quite a big deal for us, as we’re about to launch the public beta to GoD Factory: Wingmen! Please allow me to share a reflection for the occasion.

When Nine Dots Studio was founded, the intent was, among other things, to make games that have a message associated to them, something stronger and more relevant than “beheading aliens by dual-wielding chainsaws is cool” (although let’s be honest, there’s some cool factor there). The thing is, it’s harder to deliver a message without making it feel forced when you don’t have a game based on a narrative experience. Multiplayer games are even trickier to pull off, because player interactions are always a wild card.

So one of the most important pillars behind the game’s design is the necessity for cooperation. To achieve victory, you have to work with your team. In a way, this is the message behind the game and we wanted to convey this message through the game mechanics. This can be observed in the way we designed weapons, abilities, objectives and even the aesthetic. We’ve added as many incentives as we could to make players stick together. We quantify in-game rewards by calculating usefulness rather than going with a simple equation of Kill/Death ratio. In fact, the game’s complexity could either play in our favor or against us depending on whether or not our community members act as mentor to newcomers rather than being hostile to them. We’ve seen what toxic communities are like and we know that they quickly get in the way of a positive experience.

So all in all, a large part of the game’s experience depends on you, the players. We can’t force you to be good to each other, we can only provide incentives. But beyond that, we hope that the game’s message will come through and that cooperation will manifest itself in a more profound way than just game mechanics. We hope that you’ll make friends, that you’ll share positive experiences and that you will learn from each other, because that’s what gaming does best.

Have fun with your squad out there :) and if you want to take part in our community, feel free to join our forum and the Razer Comms GoD Factory official group.