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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
3 Ocak 2014 - MAIET Games

Hello everyone,
We'd like to introduce you a new assassin type class, Shadow Dancer.

Watch Here

Shadow Dancer uses dual sword and revolver. She manipulates enemies with creating decoy avatar and hiding into the dark.
Dual revolver has short firing range but deals incredible damage in close combat.
Those of you who used to enjoy dual dagger/rev style will particularly favor this new class.

Remember any pro dual dagger or dual rev player from GunZ the Duel?

30 Aralık 2013 - MAIET Games

We hope you all had a wonderful year and wish you a happy new year.

- MAIET Entertainment

30 Aralık 2013 - MAIET Games

Hello all,

Here's another status update to keep you guys well informed about our progress.

First of all, we apologize again for the delayed schedule. Although we were targeting December 2013 for launching, we postponed it to Jan 2014 to resolve a few technical issues.
Like we mentioned before, GunZ 2 will be released Jan 2014!

As of today, all Steam integration tasks are complete except for billing module development.
As a matter of fact, the game is properly running on Steam client at the moment.
Once this is complete, we'd be ready for early access beta phase.

We appreciate all your constant support and patience as always.
We will keep you informed on more status updates on this announcement page and our Facebook page.
So, please come visit our Facebook page and Like us to follow up with more news.
GunZ 2 Facebook Page

We'll be back with more status updates soon.
Thank you :)

25 Aralık 2013 - MAIET Games

Hello everyone,

Please take a moment to watch a new gameplay movie of the latest version of GunZ 2.
Watch Here
(this trailer was captured from Chinese version,so all voices are in Chinese)

In this version, we've updated lots of features including active skills and character design.
Stayed tuned on our Greenlight page for more gameplay movies to come.

Enjoy :)

15 Aralık 2013 - MAIET Games

Hello all,

It has been about 4 months since we posted the last announcement, and we are sorry to keep you waiting. Here's a status update to keep you posted on the progress.
As we've posted before, we were planning to launch the early access program in this December, but we are now looking at early 2014.
During our beta test in EU, we found that the current server/host system is causing lag issue for many players.
Since the lag issue would directly affect Steam version too, we've decided to make improvements on the host system first. Host system upgrades will be completed this month.
We will also be finalizing Steam integration within the next 4-8 weeks and start the early access program afterwards.

We also keep the latest news of our projects on our Facebook page.
Please visit us on Facebook and follow us to find out more news and updates!

Again, we apologize about the delay and we'll be back with more news regarding GunZ 2 soon.

Happy holidays!

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