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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
3 kwietnia 2013 - MAIET Games

10 days ago, we registered GunZ 2 on Greenlight. Today, we just made it to Top 100!
Thank you all so much for supporting our Greenlight campaign. If this was i-GunZ, I’d be giving out Bug-free Coats and candy canes by now. :)
- Guntrix

3 kwietnia 2013 - MAIET Games

Dear fans,

I would like to say thanks to all those who keep interests in GunZ 2 and support us to pass Steam Greenlight evaluation. Today, I’d like to speak to you about our plans regarding publishing GunZ 2, which has been often mentioned in discussion forum by many of you.
For the past six years, we have been working very hard on improving GunZ 2 the best way we can. Our initial goal at first was to update GunZ 1 with our latest graphic engine and better network engine. However, after attempting to apply more and more new ideas, GunZ 2 has become completely different from its prequel, and thus we have been developing the game so far with much more development time and budget that we had not expected.
For a game developer like us, it is a widely accepted principle to retrieve certain portion of the development cost through licensing deals with publishers. However, through years of supplying online games to the U.S. market, we’ve learned that the payment channel is so limited unlike in South Korea, and we’ve also learned that it is extremely difficult to promote our games to gamers.
Hence, we’ve come to a decision to provide the game to North and South America on our own. Even though it might be a bit too much for us to handle, we have decided to proceed with the bold plan.
MAIET Entertainment is not a big company. We are running 3 projects with a few more than 60 staff, and we are also developing mobile games at the same time.
In fact, even if we pass Greenlight evaluation and are able to publisher GunZ 2, I believe we will have to depend a lot on players when we operate the game service regarding lots of issues except for a few critical ones such as payment related issues. Nevertheless, we are working day and night for such a challenging task thinking about the pleasant experiences we had while operating GunZ: International Edition.
Recently, we added a few areas, in which we believe that it would be much unlikely that we will make separate publishing deals, to service region of Steam edition of GunZ 2. However, I would like to emphasize on that us being able to publish GunZ 2 on Steam would not affect the other versions with disadvantages in any way.
The online game industry is going through a global scale recession. In such a difficult time, we would like to find stronger motivation regarding developing GunZ 2. By us being able to operate the game service our service, it would let us dedicate ourselves more on improving the game, and such dedication will equally benefit players in all service regions.
In addition, we would you to please understand that including too many regions to service area would rather result in lower service quality due to network latency issue.
Following is our plans regarding areas that you question us about.

1. Europe
Although our local partner in Europe is not making any press release yet, we believe that GunZ 2 will reach gamers far more than we could ever reach on our own through their market coverage. We will also challenge ourselves with the possibility of entering the world of E-Sports with their support. We have faith in them that they will do a great job and we will give them our best support to update GunZ 2: EU Edition.

2. South East Asia
We far as we understand, there are relatively fewer number of Steam users in SEA in fact, and Pre-paid card is an absolute necessity when it comes to payment option. Thus, it would be unrealistic for us to provide the game service through Steam in the region. Plus, we will need a strong partnership and support from a local publisher for localizing the game for SEA audiences.
Although it is hard to tell when we can release the game in this region, but there is in fact a number of local publishers who are interested in our game, and we will make sure to bring GunZ 2 to SEA market through them.

I hope you all find this announcement helpful, and thank you for supporting GunZ and MAIET Entertainment.

CEO @ MAIET Entertainment

28 marca 2013 - MAIET Games


Thanks to your constant interest and support on GunZ 2: The Second, our Greenlight project is at full sail. As per high demand from players in following regions, we decided to open Steam server for them.

  • Austrailia
  • New Zealand
  • All Middle Eastern countries (Turkey is not included)

Unfortunately, service for most East Asian, South East Asian coutries and Russia will be provided through other publishing channel.
Frankly speaking, none of this would matter if we don't get Greenlit on Steam. We consider Steam the best way to release GunZ 2 to the global market and we are really hoping that we could do that. Regardless of how much we'd like to put our game on Steam or how much the fans want to play it on Steam, we need more Votes to make it happen.
Ask your friends to visit our page for vote! We need your help to bring GunZ 2 to Steam.

Thanks you for all your support,

27 marca 2013 - MAIET Games

Greetings all,

I’ve noticed that many of you are wondering about whether you can play on Steam or not. While we are trying to get GunZ 2: The Second Duel on Steam mainly for North and South America, some areas will have their own local publisher. Please see below list of regions that already have their own local publishers.

  • China
  • EU
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau

Players from above regions will be blocked from Steam server and be encouraged to play on local servers. I’m afraid that I can’t specify which company is publishing in which of above regions yet, but all of those versions will be released soon in their local languages. If you’re not in one of above areas and want to check out GunZ 2: The Second Duel, Steam Greenlight is your best chance! Tell your friends about our Greenlight page. GREENLIGHT PAGE Help us get GunZ 2 on Steam by spreading the word!


25 marca 2013 - MAIET Games

Greetings, Steam Community

We are MAIET Entertainment, developer of GunZ 2: The Second Duel. Please welcome our latest game on Greenlight. After many years of development, we are proud to finally introduce the game to the world. GunZ the Duel, prequel of GunZ 2, had been vastly loved by players from all over the world for the past 10 years. In GunZ 2, we kept the core concept of the prequel and enhanced it in various different ways such as stability, accessibility, and diversity. Please visit below pages to find out more about us and our games. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook to receive regular updates from us!

MAIET on Facebook

GunZ 2: The Second Duel on Facebook


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