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Дякуємо за те, що допомогли цій грі потрапити до крамниці Steam. Детальнішу інформацію, в тому числі посилання на сторінку в крамниці, ви можете знайти нижче.

Greenlight виводиться з ужитку. Для отримання додаткової інформації про надсилання ігор у Steam посилайтеся на цей допис.
GunZ 2: The Second Duel
Releasing GunZ 2 on Feb 17 2014
11 лютого 2014 р. - MAIET Games

Hello everyone,

Sorry about keeping you all wait for such a long time. We apologize about the delays and promise that we’ll repay your patience and support with better gameplay experience.

Waiting is over. We have received green light signal from Valve and fixed the release schedule right away.
GunZ 2 will be released as an Early Access status at 5 PM PST Feb 17 2014.
All the game features including auto-matching PvP mode, co-op PvE mode, and premium item will be open. However, the game service will be in beta mode meaning service stability is not fully secured. We will maintain the beta tag for several weeks or months depending on the service status.

Again, thank you all for the constant support over the past few months or even for a few years for some of you. We are very excited to finally open the game to all of you. Let me wrap this up by quoting Venister, MAIET CEO’s own words, “I am very excited to introduce the sequel title right when GunZ the Duel is having its 10th anniversary. Though we’re nervous and excited to release and operate online game service on our own for the first time, it meant a great deal to us to prepare game service on Steam, one of world’s biggest game publishing platform.”

Thank you
GunZ Team

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Коментарів: 421
Albernano1 18 вер 2014 о 14:20 
So not for europ...oks so i jsut have to go to the page of the game and download it...mm oks?...Dissapoint
Rain 4 бер 2014 о 18:19 
If you guys miss original Gunz 1 come play in www.Gunzduels.com I just joined it recently everything is based of ijji/Aeria and lead server reminds me of old times. I get tired of other overrated p-servers.
HydroxylEthane 25 лют 2014 о 7:22 
Whyyyy I can't play it outside US? D;
Rex 24 лют 2014 о 13:39 
I can't download it from their site, I keep getting an error after 3/4 of an hour trying to download patch0_9.mpf. I tried downloading it manually and after half an hour it just fucking deletes it.
Rain 20 лют 2014 о 23:01 
If you guys miss GunZ 1, try www.Gunzduels.com currently only official ijji/Aeria based server. I joined it it's new and very calm and friendly community I play it when I can't log in Gunz 2 here
AdamLutati 20 лют 2014 о 8:38 
this game is fully bugged! it doesn't allow lots of people to start a match and cant start campaign,it doesn't allow to click on start button in room...
please Maiet fix the game! this bug is popular,cant play the game..
but overall good game beside that bug.. please help! T_T
Rain 18 лют 2014 о 18:59 
If you guys still miss original check www.Gunzduels.com currently only ijji/Aeria official based Gunz reminds me of old times come play it until this one releases and kiss some time xD its new and very friendly community.
ㄨandersson 18 лют 2014 о 3:00 
Why did they NOT tell us before that it would be restricted in some regions? It would've been real helpful
Khan 18 лют 2014 о 1:21 
Not for Europeans? Some sort of racism, huh!?
Mozu 17 лют 2014 о 18:18