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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
We are now in the Top 30
29 de abril de 2013 - MAIET Games

Greetings fans,

Although we didn’t get Greenlight last time, we did manage to make it into the top 30. I wanted to take a moment to share the progress with you all to let you know that we are still doing alright! I’d like to say thanks to all the GunZ 2 Steam Community group members for all their efforts for bringing friends to the community. Your dedication will not be disregarded. Again, thank you all for supporting us, and it will still and always be very much appreciated if you can spread out a word on GunZ 2 Greenlight campaign.

- Guntrix

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69 comentário(s)
cat 24/mai/2013 às 0:34 
K-Style was the thing that made GunZ unique!. I'd love to have it in GunZ 2
No Mither 22/mai/2013 às 8:36 
Screw all these shitty western FPS's! Bring back the goofy ass Korean TPS! huehueheuehuehuehuehueheuheueheuehue (Also known as the Origional Hat Fortress).
STORMTROOPER.exe 22/mai/2013 às 2:34 
or it would take very long?
STORMTROOPER.exe 22/mai/2013 às 2:33 
When will it be release
nf_straydog 20/mai/2013 às 17:57 
@Donchan Combos originated in Capcom's Vampire Hunter, and were intended. Reset is just a term for cutting a combo short in order to do a non-okizeme mixup, and setups refer to a long-term strategy that ends with you at an advantage. These are strategies, not mechanics, and as far as I know, no fighting game actually has systems in place for setups and resets, so I would disagree with not only your statement that they have been "integrated" but also that they were unintended. They aren't really comparable to K-style, because K-style is actually a complex abuse of the game's cancelling mechanics, whereas setups and resets are strategies, not mechanics. Now, if you compared it to something like jump installs in Guilty Gear, I would agree.
FlatEric 20/mai/2013 às 1:43 
ndeed!!! I will ONLY play this through Steam, so I really hope this game launches here! GUNZ WE LOVE YOU.
{Old skool Gunz player}
Animated 19/mai/2013 às 4:38 
I hope you guys get Greenlight ASAP. Can´t wait for this game to launch on steam. Aeria would be a final option, but lauching on steam would be a thousand times better IMO! Good luck!
Donchan 18/mai/2013 às 23:37 
P.S. to anyone who downtalks K style or any mechanic in that line, go look up the history of combos, setups, and resets in fighting games and you'll find out that they weren't a mechanic intended by the programmers but then became integrated as part of the genre's focal point. Gunz 1 would have had the crappiest pacing ever if left to its own devices (e style ick) but we (we as in gamers) came along and practically evolved the game to the point where literally no other shooter can compete with the intensity, speed, and free-flowing combat of Gunz

/end wall of text
Donchan 18/mai/2013 às 23:37 
"When i play using K-D-T-Style i feel im stupid , only jumping around doin the same thing all the time , its so retard :/ "

Hmmmm.... let's see here...
COD = run, shoot, use killstreak nuke.
Battlefield (insert number here) = run, drive, fly, shoot.
Crysis = run, use armor power, shoot.
WoW = run long distances, use character's powers to kill, turn in quest
Any fighting game = find a way to hit enemy w/o getting hit yourself, do combo.;dr If you want to put it that way, all games are "doin the same thing all the time , its so retard ;/ ". Go play Warioware if you don't want the same thing over and over....then again, it only has so many minigames.

I say bring on gunz 2 with more brokenly fun K style! You can make changes to our styles, but we'll find glitches...we always do.^_^
sculptor 18/mai/2013 às 12:46 
@ Lexander - Its part of the game's charm that makes it stand out. If you would rather prefer running around spraying with a renard...