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Shovel Knight
1 de abril de 2013 - Yacht Club Games

Hello again, everyone!


Shovel Knight has successfully reached our initial Kickstarter goal! This is fantastic news for backers and Steam Greenlight supporters alike! Why? Because in addition to Shovel Knight happening for sure now we get to go into Stretch Goal mode. In particular our fifth stretch goal is support for Linux and Mac versions of Shovel Knight. We hope to support Mac and Linux either way, but the stretch goal makes it happen for sure, and in a more timely fashion (hopefully in 2013!).

Wait... What are Stretch Goals?

Stretch goals are extra content that we can accomplish if the funding goals are met. For instance, if we hit 200,000, then we will have enough resources to implement a 4 player battle mode! It’s not to say we will won’t see these features in the future some time (don’t be too worried! ), but if we reach the stretch goals, we can promise them with confidence!

For more information about our stretch goals (and some other fun art), please check out our Kickstarter Update

27 de março de 2013 - Yacht Club Games

Award! PAX MUST PLAY – Destructoid
Award! PAXpocolypse: BEST OF 2013 – Warp Zoned

“Okay, this game looks f*%king awesome.” – Colin Moriarty, IGN

“I came back to it a few times at PAX East because I had so much fun with it…” – Will Greenwald, PCMag

“Shovel Knight is AMAZING” – Kyle MacGregor, Destructoid

“(Shovel Knight) adheres tightly to classic side-scroller tradition, and I couldn’t be happier about that.” -Brian Albert, New York Post

“Shovel Knight-mania seemed to sweep the show floor right from the start.” – John Scalzo, Warpzoned

“Shovel Knight is … on track to shock those eyeballs into a state of pure retro pleasure…” – Jillian Werner, Gamezebo

“My current favorite game of PAX is a little indie gem called Shovel Knight.” – Alex, Irrational Passions

The critics have spoken! Shovel Knight was an enormous success at PAX East! Our booth was busy the whole time with media, fans, and other devs! We made tons of friends as we gave out our brochures and buttons, worked the show floor, and got the word out about Shovel Knight. Check out some shots of the show floor and the Shovel Knight booth below!

Best of all, we got to see the reactions on player’s faces as they played the game, which made us pretty misty eyed. The outpouring of support has been truly amazing.
But it was way too long to be away! Now that we are back, we promise to you, our wonderful backers and fans, a flow of DAILY updates! Character reveals, stretch goals, live streams of the game being played, and more! We’re gonna bury you in Shovel Knight awesomeness!

Our first live stream of the game is going to be at 5pm Pacific Time this Friday, March 29.[/] We are going to be playing the game demo we showed at PAX, answer questions, and just have some fun. So get pumped for that!

Lastly, we wanted to share one more really cool thing.... Propeller Knight! The next member of the Order of No Quarter!

This is Propeller Knight. He commands the Enchantress' flying machine with the cocksure attitude of a sky pirate! With his Heli-Helmet, he can zoom short distances with ease. Shovel Knight encounters Propeller Knight on top of the aircraft as it zooms through the sky; earth fights against air in a true battle of elements!

• Pros: Talented Fencer, Mechanical Heli-Helmet, Debonair!
• Cons: Arrogance, Lightweight, Outrageous Accent!

18 de março de 2013 - Yacht Club Games

We've announced new platforms over on our Kickstarter. We would love to add Steam to that list so please continue to spread the word on Greenlight! If you have any additional questions or feature requests about Shovel Knight PC then don't hesitate to leave a comment.

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