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Shovel Knight
Linux and Mac Confirmed, Plague Knight, and Music Extravaganza!
7 avril 2013 - Yacht Club Games

Linux and Mac Time
The Shovel Knight Kickstarter has skyrocketed past new stretch goals! This means the team will fully dive in to Linux and Mac support for Shovel Knight! In addition to that our Greenlight momentum has really picked up! Thank you everyone for stopping by and passing judgement and for spreading the word to others! Please note that our original date of Winter 2013 does not reflect the target release date of these additional platforms. We'll be sure to let you know once we have a more information.

So you don't go away empty handed, here is some exciting new content! Be sure to check the Kickstarter for daily updates!

Introducing... Plague Knight!

Sometimes, the bomb is mightier than the sword. Deep in the recesses of his alchemical lab, Plague Knight perfects concoctions both poisonous and explosive. Toxin, disease, and death are his playgrounds. Even his comrades give Plague Knight a wide berth, because he spreads more than just the common cold. With an array of mysterious and magical bottles at his side, Plague Knight could be considered the black sheep of The Order of No Quarter.

Pros: Maniacal scientific mind, fearlessness bordering on recklessness

Cons: Physically weak, short stature, shy at parties

Manami Matsumae, the original composer of Mega Man, is writing songs for Shovel Knight!!!
I am just as excited about this news as the day we first heard the possibility. Manami Matsumae, the legendary composer of Mega Man and U.N. Squadron (among many others), is going to compose two songs for Shovel Knight!

The composer of Mega Man...

The composer of the Elec Man Theme
The composer of the Elec Man Theme

...the Cut Man Theme...
the Cut Man Theme

...Nitro Man’s stage from Mega Man 10...
Nitro Man’s stage from Mega Man 10

Incredible music! She even made the original sound effects. The sound of Mega Man dying? The sound of the boss doors opening and closing? The sounds that have permanent residence in your brain and ours? Manami Matsumae is responsible! And now, she is going to be writing two songs for Shovel Knight. We are beyond excited.

Matsumae's music perfectly captured the tone for Mega Man and all of its sequels. She is a master of injecting personality into a stage or character through her music. We are humbled so greatly to have her contribute to the creative force of Shovel Knight!

This awesome collaboration has been made possible by The Koopa Soundworks team, who reached out to us with this opportunity. They also have a great interview with Manami on their site[koopa.tv]. Please check it out and give them and Manami all of your love, they are the best!

New Stage Theme - The Flying Machine
Since we're talking about music, our Audio Guy stopped by to do a live composition night on stream. Here's the end of day result for The Flying Machine, the stage music of Propeller Knight. Give it a listen![www.twitch.tv] It's always amazing to watch Jake work. He's like some kind of wizard.

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5 commentaires
Phatman Dover 15 avr. 2013 à 7h13 
I cannot state how amazed I am at the convalescence of so many amazing and respected names in video gaming history to achieve a singular goal that not only garners my attention, but makes me feel like a kid again. I still have my NES from when I was quite young, inherited from my older brother, and I still play it because the games were genuine and well-planned. And then, to see this...! It really makes me warm somewhere deep in that thing I call a heart.

Bacon ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 11 avr. 2013 à 21h47 
I saw you guys mention U.N. Squadron during the MAN vs Game cast, brought back delightful memories. I had no idea there was a tv show/manga based on it also.
SilentBugler 9 avr. 2013 à 5h37 
Wow, that is just plain overkill. If you release the game without a digital soundtrack download dlc I'm going to hate your guts forever ❤

Hang on there Jake, don't let yourself be overshadowed by a celebrity composer! ... Well, a celebrity bigger than you, anyway.
Unpronounceable 7 avr. 2013 à 20h35 
Ms. Matsumae is a fantastic composer, and I'm really excited to see what she creates for your game!
Riquerico 7 avr. 2013 à 15h49 
Loved the Propeller Knight stage theme!! Great job, guys!! Can't wait to play it!