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Tower of Guns
17 februari, 2014 - blankslatejoe

For those who haven't seen it yet, Tower of Guns now has a Steam landing page:
Tower of Guns on Steam!

There's new screenshots, trailer, and the community hub over there, just waiting to be oggled!

Also, Tower of Guns now has a Steam Release date--and it's soon! March 4th 2014, in fact! For those of you who have pre-ordered via IGS or from Widget) you should get keys before then (maybe even before the end of the week), although they won't unlock until the 4th.

Anyway, it's an exciting time! Please help spread the word by sharing, liking, and perhaps even gently tossing the new trailer at your favorite press outlets in the hope that maybe they'll cover it: Tower of Guns Trailer: Bullets Ahoy!

Thanks so much for your patience, guys. It's been a long road, and I'm ready to get this thing out onto Steam! :-)

10 januari, 2014 - blankslatejoe

The massive indie-game streaming marathon known as the Indie Showcase has begun! It's a crazy long-haul event where tons of indies are showing off and talking about their stuff while sleep deprived hosts play it.

I'll be live talking about Tower of Guns TOMORROW (Jan, Sat 11) morning at 10 in the morning, US Eastern Standard time. But just because I won't be around till tomorrow morning doesn't mean there aren't good things going on..check out the full lineup!

Here's the direct twitch stream:

16 november, 2013 - blankslatejoe

The holidays have early-Tower of Guns is now on IndieGameStand!

Tower of Guns is featured NOW as the 96 hour deal on . It’s a pay-what-you-want offer, meaning you can get the game for super-cheap, but it also has a bunch of bonus stuff for those who “beat the average”. What bonuses, you might ask? Well, there's Brother Mike's soundtrack, for one. And Steam Keys (which don't exist yet, but now that I'm greenlit that's a much more sure thing to happen in the months to come). And wallpapers. And a really really silly e-book I wrote a few years back. AND, for the top ten contributors, for those who truly go above and beyond, I'm offering some of the ORIGINAL IN GAME ART used in Tower of Guns. Head on over to IndieGameStand[] for more information. It should be fun!

Already a pre-orderer? First: thank you. You are awesome. Second, perhaps Tower of Guns would be a great gift for Grandma this Christmas! Pick up a copy for her! Or, at the very least, please plug the heck out of the sale on Saturday via your Facebook, Twitter, and the like. I'd really like to break IndieGameStand with traffic!

I think that’d be a good thing to do, right?

Thanks again everyone for supporting Tower of Guns!

29 oktober, 2013 - blankslatejoe

Thank you so much for all the support guys--Tower of Guns has PASSED THE GREELIGHT BARRIER and will be COMING TO STEAM!
I'm still hard at work on the game, and am not sure if I'll release an early-access version on Steam or simply wait until I've completed the game, but if you'd like to preorder ToG and play these early-access builds feel free to at You will, of course, be offered a Steam key once I get that all set up--which will probably be a milestone or two out I imagine.

Thanks again guys! I couldn't have done it without you! See you on the other side of Steam! :-)

5 oktober, 2013 - blankslatejoe

Rock Paper Shotgun had some very nice things to say about Tower of Guns today:
ToG, which is currently on sale as part of the NotonSteam sale was dubbed their "Deal of the Week"

Here's a really nice thing they wrote:

I can’t get enough of this game. Even though it’s just over half finished (“56% complete”, to be precise), it has properly got under my skin. I think it’s the best FPS I’ve played all year.

No I am not making that up. This is from Rock Paper Shotgun too...those guys don't joke around: You'd be hard pressed to find people more old-school-PC-gamer than those folks are. I couldn't believe I was seeing someone saying THAT about my little game on RPS.

Here's something else they said:
It’s quite funny, it’s got mad graphics, and each new build I’ve played has been a marked step up in polish and content. Buy this game.

Should you wish to take RPS's advice, you can purchase Early Access at the Tower of Guns homepage[]. Should you wish to support one of the MANY (close to 60!!) other games that art partaking in the "Not on Steam Sale" then pay a visit to the the Not on Steam[] hub page!

Thanks guys!

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