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Tower of Guns
Not going to Pax East? Tower of Guns dev's Pax Panel will be streaming live!
19 марта 2013 - blankslatejoe

I'll be at Pax East with ToG! Ok, that's old news. But here's some more info:

If you're NOT going to Pax East, and want to see me talk about Tower of Guns and other stuff, I'm speaking on a panel about 38 Studios and 'going indie' after that studios highly public implosion. And they're streaming it live!

The schedule for Pax's livestreaming streaming is up here:
PaxEast Livestreaming Schedule[forums.penny-arcade.com]

Or, simply tune at to http://www.twitch.tv/pax at 4pm this Saturday (March 23)

You can find out more about the panel at http://www.bestpanelever.com/
If you're not going to Pax and have a QUESTION for the panel, feel free to post it in the comments. I'll collect them (if there are any) and see if the other panelists are up for answering any "on-air".

If you ARE going to PaxEast: I'll be floating around the show all three days:

  • Friday: I'll be around the Indie MEGABOOTH[indiemegabooth.com] on Friday, volunteering, so I'll probably try and sell you on whatever game/team I'm helping with at the time :) .
  • Saturday: I'll be volunteering at the MEGABOOTH in the morning and I'll be at the aforementioned panel: "After the Endgame: Indie Studios formed from 38 Studios Alumni" in the afternoon. The panel is at 4pm in the Naga theater. Pax East panels fill up extremely quick (like....REALLY quick), so if you're interested in seeing the panel, asking some questions, or saying hi, then get in line *early*! I'll stick around for a few minutes after the panel to chat with fellow gamers if anyone's interested.
  • Sunday: Tower of Guns will be PLAYABLE on the show floor, in the Indie MEGABOOTH's brand new "MINIBOOTH" (Booth#581) all day on Sunday. The playable Pax Demo is about about 10-15 minutes long, but filled with enough of the random elements that you could do at least a couple of runs and see new stuff every time. I'd love to get some off-cuff-impressions from you guys! So please, swing by!

Thanks so much for supporting ToG! I'm looking forward to meeting some fellow gamers!

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blankslatejoe 23 мар. 2013 в 18:53 
fart butt 23 мар. 2013 в 12:58 
That thing is awesome, Joe!