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Another Castle
12 de febrero de 2014 - David Byers

Version 0.3 is out now, and is also the first publicly available version of the alpha. You can buy it, as well as try out a free web version at http://www.AnotherCastleTheGame.com

I’m excited about this release because I now have the basic skeleton of the game in place, and with future updates I can focus primarily on making the game fun, adding crazy stuff, and just generally fleshing out the game. From this point on I should also be able to make more frequent updates, ideally every 2 - 4 weeks as opposed to every few months.

The Soundtrack

Since this is a random game, I’ve decided it would be fun to have a few different composers contribute tracks to create a more varied sound throughout the game.

I’m excited to announce that the first composer for the soundtrack is Magnus “Souleye” Pålsson. Magnus made the music for VVVVVV, which is quite honestly my favorite video game soundtrack of all time, so I’m really happy to have him on board. He’s created four tracks for the game which are all in version 0.3, and I especially love the funky titular track “Another Castle”.


This update adds a basic overworld to the game. Right now the overworld is the same every time you play, but in the future I’ll be making it random. You can walk around levels in the overworld which probably doesn’t make a lot of sense right now, but in future updates I’ll be adding random encounters and other things to encourage you not to skip levels. I want going off the path to become a high risk / high reward, as well as quite surreal, strategy.

Castle Levels

0.3 also adds castle levels to the game. With the Castle levels I now have all three basic level types added to the game, Outside, Cave, and Castle. While Outside and Cave levels can be found anywhere in the overworld, Castle levels are only found right now at the last two levels of the game.

Other Stuff

This update also adds lightning golems:

Suicidal Fireballs, iceballs, and lightningballs:

Baby fire dragons:

And a map in the pause screen:

23 de marzo de 2013 - David Byers

The Kickstarter for Another Castle has reached it's $12,000 funding goal! Thanks to everyone who's supported the project!

Check out the Kickstarter at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/uncadedave/another-castle

There's still about a week left to go, and there are also some pretty sweet stretch goals to bring additional content to the game. The stretch goals include new energy types, a weather system, a character creator, mounts, and new characters.

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