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26 de noviembre de 2013 - Hashbang Games

We have not been managing this greenlight page recently because our store page is live. To address any issues, concerns regarding support, Desura Keys etc. Please go to the store page.

As for some of the questions I've been seeing, if you have a Desura Key and wish to get your steam key, please send an email to services@hashbanggames.com and send us your desura key in the email. We will respond within 24hours with your new Steam Key.

For all other quesitons use our discussion group in the community hub.

Hashbang Games

9 de octubre de 2013 - Hashbang Games

We realized that we had forgotten to post on the greenlight page yesterday that Gravi is now live and available. Please take a moment to check out the store page!

Hashbang Games Team

29 de agosto de 2013 - Hashbang Games

A Great Question was asked here about what's next for Gravi.

Right now we are integrating Steam and Unity, since that is what Gravi was created with. We are pushing full Steam ahead (pun) to bring Gravi to you as soon as possible.

There are definately some things we want to do before we launch and below are a list of features we want to include that leverage the Steamworks API.

  • Workshop Page on Steam
  • Leaderboard
  • Achievements
  • Trading Cards

We want to give ample time to complete this and also add more polish to the game to make Gravi 100% bullet proof and the best experience it can be on Steam. So without further adue, Gravi Early Access is scheduled for Oct 8th 2013.

You may have noticed you cannot yet find Gravi in the Store. This is because we have not completed our store page yet. We are working pretty hard to get this ready for you. So stay tuned and we'll let you know when it's available.

On a side note: If we make enough sales some extended plans are, and note that we are not promising to do these things, but they are possabilites we are willing to explore should Gravi do well on Steam.
  • Extra Levels or DLC Level pack content
  • Possibly a Level Editor
  • Co-Op Mode w/ a custom set of levels designed for co-op play.
  • The addition of any of the above also warrants a newly designed menu system.

Update: Per Stabby's Question. Gravi's expected price will be $9.99

Update 2:
We need to work out all the details of pre-steam purchases on other portals ( like desura, amazon, bundles etc.. ) Once were released on steam, we'll be working with those distributors to provide a solution in which a steam key can be redeemed through the sites you purchased Gravi on. This may not be available on all distribution places, as some might not allow it. But either way we'll figure something out so that you don't have to pay twice for Gravi.
Our ruling on this is only pre-greenlight acceptance. So don't go buying Gravi somewhere today or tomorrow and expect a steam key. This is for those that purchased Gravi pre-greenlight only. If you want Gravi from this point forward, we are encouraging you to buy it on Steam when available. Shinyloot sale is the only exception to this.

Hashbang Games

13 de agosto de 2013 - Hashbang Games

We had an amazing show at Casual Connect at the beginning of the month. Gravi gained a lot of respect and attention as people came by our booth to give Gravi a try.

We are pleased to announce that Gravi received a nomination for best audio in a game. While we did not win, we will gracefully accept the runner up spot next to Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, a fantastic game by Black Forest Game. It's truly an honor to contend with such a great studio and we are very proud of the nomination accomplishment.

You'll now see this badge on our website and our http://playgravi.com website.

Gravi is currently ranked #80 in the top 100 games on steam and we are hoping to climb the charts quickly to get on Steam.

Keep a look out for our next announcement, we are preparing some special features for when we get greenlit on steam. Features exclusive to Steam and for steam users!

Hashbang Games

go Gravi go!

8 de agosto de 2013 - Hashbang Games

Hey Guys and Gals,

We have been working extremely hard to get more exposure for our game Gravi. We've hit 98% to the top 100 Games on Greenlight and were so close to getting our rank in the top 100 games. You can certainly help us out by sharing with your friends and having them come and vote yes for our game.

While we wait for a much wanted steam release, we are bringing Gravi to new heights with more platforms. We are very close to an Android Release of Gravi, a few touch-up's on the UI and were good to go! We'll be publishing to iOS by the end of August. More exciting news is that all of you that are hyped up on the new Blackberry z10[us.blackberry.com] , you'll be pleased to know that we have made arrangements with Blackberry to bring Gravi to Blackberry. Last but not least, We are working with major consoles to bring Gravi to the big screen. You can already play the Android version on the OUYA[ouya.tv], but what about XBOX 360 & One or Nintendo Wii-U and Playstation 3 / 4. We are almost ready to go to publish to the Nintendo Wii-U and that is already in the pipeline, yay!. Hopefully we'll get the go ahead from MS to publish to the XBOX in the near future. If we can make enough money from Gravi we will fork over the license to publish to Playstation as well. Let me tell you, it's not a cheap endeavor.

So that's all for now, Please help us get on steam! Keep sharing! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Talk soon,
Hashbang Games

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