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Gravi Update
11 de Julho de 2013 - Hashbang Games

Hello Guys and Gals,

We wanted to reach out to you today to give you a little update on Gravi, what we've been doing and where we are at on a steam release. We have had an inspiring amount of community support for our game and all of your support is paying off! We are at 74% to the top 100 games on steam Greenlight with 12.5k yes votes! I'm not exactly sure what this means in terms of our Rank, but we'll let you all know once we figure it out.

Gravi still needs your support on a regular basis until we get Greenlit, we need you all to keep sharing and posting about it.

Today Gravi was submitted for the OUYA Game console[]. We know, We know .. you want it on Steam! However, while we are waiting for Valves divine approval, we are making Gravi available on more platforms and more portals. Next up is Android ( Google Play Store ) for Tegra 3 devices. As well, we have been working with MOGA[] to bring Gravi to life using the Moga Power A gamepad. We expect to have Gravi fully supported on most Android devices by mid August.

We know your thinking it, so were going to answer you right away. YES! We are also going to publish Gravi for the iOS. We are still in the testing phase, but it is looking very promising. We don't have an ETA for it yet, but it shouldn't be too long after the Android Release.

This is all in an attempt to gain more exposure for our game Gravi. We really want it to be on Steam, steam is it's home and it's rightful place, and we need your help to get there. So keep sharing, keep posting and tell your friends to do the same.

We thank you for your support and all of your comments! We take them to heart and we read each and every one of them.

Talk soon,
Hashbang Games Team

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4 comentários
Hashbang Games 5 Ago, 2013 às 18:35 
@DBG Thanks, fixed it :)
DBG 5 Ago, 2013 às 16:23 
Heh url for MOGA is off by a letter =). Looking forward to playing a touch version of this title when I get my Tegra 3-based tablet back (gf refuses to give it up so I'm stuck with my original Tegra Development Kit - an A500 (which still runs remarkably well).
General Nuisance 18 Jul, 2013 às 17:45 
Nice concept
SlyCougar 15 Jul, 2013 às 17:30 
Awesome! ty for the up date. I really hope to see this on steam. I love the char and look of the game play.