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Fractured Soul
1 febbraio 2015 - Endgame Studios

It's been a long road to get Fractured Soul onto the Steam store, but we're really happy to announce that it's coming to Steam this Thursday, Feb 5.

We've worked hard to tweak the gameplay based on feedback from existing players, as well as adding in some really cool Steam exclusive features such as:

* Over 100 achievements to put your platforming skills to the test.
* Online leaderboards to speedrun against friends and the world.
* Cloud saves.
* Full game controller support.

And of course, it retains the PC features such as 60 FPS gameplay and 2 player fun coop mode.

It's going to retail for USD $9.99. We're also offering a 33% launch discount!

Really hope you all enjoy the game! See you on the leaderboards :)

- Grant & Nick.

11 giugno 2014 - Endgame Studios

Today I'm very happy to announce that Fractured Soul has been approved for release on Steam!

Not sure about the release date yet, but it will likely be in coming weeks if we can.

Once again, thank you all for your supportive comments and for helping to spread the word about our game. I really hope being greenlit allows more of you to experience Fractured Soul!

- Grant.

10 marzo 2014 - Endgame Studios

Chris Carter has given Fractured Soul a great write-up, saying "Endgame Studios has created a wonderfully raw retro experience."

Full review is here

Great review, thanks Chris!

19 febbraio 2014 - Endgame Studios

Hi all,

Exciting news! Fractured Soul is going to be released for Windows PC this Tuesday (25 Feb 2014). It will be available from via the Humble widget as well as on and Desura - for USD$9.99 or equivalent in your local currency. All versions are DRM free.

Sadly, no Steam version yet. We're stuck in Greenlight limbo. If you want to see Fractured Soul on Steam, please help spread the word to get us a few more votes. The reality is that with such a niche hardcore game as Fractured Soul, we don't have the audience size of more mainstream titles, and we don't have zombies in our game :) so we need all the support we can get!

It's been a bit of a journey getting Fractured Soul onto PC - but we're very glad that we can at last bring it you guys. Thanks for sticking with us and we hope you enjoy the game!!

- Grant & Nick (Endgame)

22 luglio 2013 - Endgame Studios

A big thank you to everyone who played Fractured Soul at PAX Australia last weekend. It was incredibly busy at the PAX Indie Showcase and Fractured Soul was played pretty much constantly from 10am to after 6pm every day. It seemed like everyone enjoyed their experience with the game.

Just before PAX, we added a goofy little feature to the build: local coop. We had tried it ourselves as a bit of a laugh, but the folks who played it at PAX really liked it! So I think we might just keep it in there. Some people even said they'd play the game just for the coop aspect.

Preparing for PAX diverted a bit of our very limited resources, but we're back on the PC version of Fractured Soul - hopefully not too far off a release now.

Thanks again for all the support - and let's keep those Greenlight votes coming!

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