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14 de janeiro de 2014 - Kuma

BROS ASSEMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're done! We've hunted down bugs, we've slimmed down the game, we've added in more than a hundred new patterns, we've tested, doubletested, retested, and tested again for quality. We've got it running with native controller support on Mac and Windows (Linux, we love you but we have no test machine for Linux - anyone wants to bro up on that one, we'll see what we can do), we have it running on the front page of our website - the GAME IS DONE!

I'm freaking stoked - I've sunk hours and hours into this game playing it and I still love it. Big shoutout to nickelPUNK our music mixer - he got the feeling of this down pat. My only regret in all of this is that I don't have a pompadour yet - although my beard is impressively grizzly!

You should play it - has it up for download or play the flash version. A note: controls are customizable! You should play with what you find comfortable! Bro up and smack down that shades-wearing fluffnugget of a boss.

Things we've added/changed:

  • 140+ ways to die from brutal boss attacks
  • cleaned up the boss's AI progression - he still tracks how you play, but his difficulty curve adjusts better to the players now
  • the boss now shows how much EXP he gains on levelup
  • changed the pattern selection algorithm so he doesn't get stuck in a pattern trap for a few levels
  • massively changed the wave slash and sword attacks - both are bigger, and he has new tricks
  • added in some secrets (shhhhh.... don't tell anybody if you find em!)
  • changed out some of the sprites and sound files to make the game run better
  • one of those secrets I mentioned - it has a different boss
  • the bosses attacks and shades now change color to showcase damage done
  • bro-op has less slowdown
  • new audio track and new sound effects for some attacks
  • native controller support in windows and mac builds
  • you can play on your Ouya.... if you're one of the 50 people who have one (we have one!)
  • 1337% more hair fullness
  • Bancho and Rancho now use shampoo made from bear tears - their luscious manes are now immune to damage

15 de outubro de 2013 - Kuma

Hey y'all, Kuma here.

It's been a while! Sorry for leaving you in a slump - I had to graduate college, move thrice and get busy with other life things. But I'm back!

So, important things:
1.) We went to APE in San Francisco. If you saw us there, pimp. We had a great time showing off the latest build of BOSSES FOREVER 2.BRO and our prototype of Sportsball. Mad props to anyone who saw us there!
2.) Auston is working on building native controller support into the game. Why? Because it needs to get done.
3.) We are spending two more weeks on this game then we are done! It's been ported successfully to run on our Ouya and we are going to to work on some pattern optimizations and a few other things and then move on to our next game.

I, Kuma, will probably be working harder towards greenlight success for BF2.Bro. I've been letting it slide lately because of other things, but I need to be pushing forward. We have 1 out of 4 people saying they would be willing to play this game, for free, on Steam. I'd like to get that to 1 out of 2.

Any questions, comments or concerns can be left here or you can email us @ , tweet us at @Too_DX , or fan us on facebook!

Thanks so much for helping us out and following!

1 de maio de 2013 - Kuma

So.... Kenyan Lee is pretty much pimp-master of boss killing. He's better than Auston or Ned at slaying bosses. The kid be cray-cray (to use a colloquialism I heard once). How cray-cray? Kids got more than 70 bosses down the last time I checked.

Why am I saying this? Cuz his name needs a changing. It is now: "King Kenyan" or perhaps "King KenLee"... and because I want to use his disgustingly nasty high-scorage as a direct CHALLENGE to all the other players - after all, it's good to be king.

Who knows? Maybe he'll break 170 and I'll have to cut him a check for being fantastic.

(For those who don't know, I said the first person to show me a single-run of 170 bosses gets a check, or CoD from me, Kuma, for $170 USD because you'll have boggled my mind.)

Kuma Out ( ̄(エ) ̄)

23 de abril de 2013 - PIIDX

Sup bros?

Version 2.06, that's what! There are a few bug fixes in this one, but two really awesome updates:

Tells: The boss has all sorts of new tells for attacks. This gives you a better hint as to which attacks the boss is going to do, and makes the boss feel less cheap when launching sporadic attacks. My personal favorite is the new missle lock on effect, as it strobes with the colors of my childhood.

Free range dashing: You can now dash whenever you want. This makes wall jumps easier in addition to giving you many more options when deciding how to dodge. Get that extra boost if you made a jump too late, or save that dash for after falling below a missile. The game allows smoother acrobatic movement, and in turn, much more boss destruction.

Send us feedback on the new features! How do you like them? Are you having any trouble wall dashing? Are the tells noticable?

Our next update will be a big one, and one of our last before the game comes out of beta. It's been a super awesome beta with you bros. Let's pop these collars and share the joy of boss destruction with the rest of the world.

- Auston

14 de abril de 2013 - PIIDX

Yo bros,

I've been on all sorts of escapades, with PAX, GDC, and learning how to make leaderboards. That's the big thing of this next version. The global leaderboard is in. It still needs some work, but the top 10 boss slayers can carve their name for all to aspire to. I'm stoked to see who is the greatest boss slayer in the world!

There are also some small bug fixes with collision boxes and weapon fire offsets. Still a lot more to do though.

It's great to see the feedback and support continue to come in. A shout out to KeiruKeiru, who has been posting videos of his pro skills ( and even helped us find some bugs!

It's seeing stuff like this that is a core aspect of why we make games. Just making an effort to bring you all awesome experiences that make you strive to become something better, even if that's getting to the point of beating just one more boss.

- Auston

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