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Dirk Dashing 2: E.V.I.L. Eye
27. helmikuu, 2013 - MyGameCompany

I've added this FAQ for questions/observations that keep popping up in the comments:

1) When will the game be released?

It was already officially released on June 30, 2012. It's available direct from www.dirkdashing.com, as well as Desura and the Mac Games Store.

2) Is there a game demo?

Yes. You can freely download it from www.dirkdashing.com.

3) What will be the game price?

The Steam price will probably be the same as it is on www.dirkdashing.com, which is currently $9.99 USD.

4) I don't like the artwork. Will you change it?

Sorry, no. Not unless you want to help fund it. I'm a one-man indie developer with a very small budget. I don't like that situation any better than you do, but that's the reality of it. The full version of Dirk Dashing 2 has 45.3 MB of graphics. There are 24 different animated characters (including Dirk) with up to 60 unique animation frames per character, 5 different worlds (each with at least 4-6 unique texture sets), 10 parallax scrolling layers (with 4 different sets of graphics per layer, depending on which world you're in), over 50 different scenic objects (tables, potted plants, factory machines, etc), plus various items, doors, switches, platforms, bridges, hazards, effects, etc. I estimate this art would cost over $50K if I paid someone else to do it.

That said, I did allocate $3K (all I could afford) for key art pieces, like the game logo, ad/promo graphics, and a few specific in-game graphics. The rest I did myself.

Contrary to what you might think, I do have some art training and talent - my specialty is comics (which is why all of my games have a comic/cartoon style to them). My comic art style is a cross between Disney, Looney Tunes, and Asterix. The Dirk Dashing games were my first attempts at animating my comic characters, so I grant that the animation could be better. And parts of the background art aren't as nice as I'd like them to be. But I like comics and animated cartoons, so even if I could afford to pay someone else to do the art, I would have hired a comic artist and/or cartoon animator, which means the game would still look cartoonish. That's my style, and that's what I like. I understand if you don't like that style, and that's fine. As an indie, I make my games for myself first, based on what I like to play and the kind of art I prefer. If others enjoy the games too, then that's bonus to me. If you like cartoon graphics, but don't like my art style, I understand that too - unfortunately, there's not much I can do about that right now, except to keep improving my craft and hope that maybe someday I'll be able to afford to hire a professional artist.

Still, I know plenty of popular indie games with art that's much more primitive than mine. If you can look past the art in those games and enjoy them anyway, hopefully you can do the same with mine. Like them, I'm just one guy doing the best I can. I try to make up for the lack of AAA-quality graphics with a good story, fun gameplay, and humor.

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3 kommenttia
Lachra 1.3.2013 kello 11.55 
Nice, the graphics don't bother me at all, only thing about them that I think that you could do a little bit better on is some of the animations. (kinda seemed like guard went from standing to laying with very little in between in one of the videos, when taken out)
That being said, even keeping them the same doesn't sway my want for the game.

I like that you are doing all of this yourself. I am in a similar situation, except I don't make games, I make music. Speaking of, one of my goals is to give/sale/etc some of my music to independent game devs, as video game music is one of my main inspirations.
Maybe for future endeavors, you can send me a friend invite here on Steam, so we could keep in touch. Once I get more satisfactory works finished (I am still amatuer), I will send you some examples.

For one last thing, don't worry about the graphics. Not every game has to be Crysis.
MyGameCompany 28.2.2013 kello 15.17 
Thanks, blckruc47!
DeathClaw 28.2.2013 kello 11.06 
Dude, ignore ignorants. Your game looks good and a lot of us would buy it if it gets on Steam. Let those who don't like it , go make their own.