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Elemental World Part 1:Rise Of The Guardians
December 11, 2013 - wiseowlstudios

Sorry everyone for such a long time since the last announcment the games been busy with its latest bugs and my uni work but things are better now
Since launch on desura the game has had a few minor updates such as now it has more perminant male and female player models as well as a graphics boost
Since the latest patch it has also got its own patcher system which is being implimented asap which will speed up updates eg find a bug kill it then update rather then kill bug wait a week while gets verified on desura then patch.

The game will also be getting a new website soon although it is waiting on sales to get it as uni funds ran out.

Some plans for the next few updates is a flight sim addon as well as more content,skills,monsters etc as well as crush a few bugs such as the latest where it wont download from the database (the new website will fix this hopefully)

here is a link to the latest update video
Link to buy it on desura:
(it will be F2P in the future when it is alot better but this gets you life membership (basic) as well as some perks when item mall added like free pet,some resorces etc when f2p members wont be limited unlike free)