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Elemental World Part 1:Rise Of The Guardians
March 18, 2015 - wiseowlstudios

Hi this is just to inform everyone you can start to buy steam keys from
while the store gets finalised and help give feedback on the game

December 25, 2014 - wiseowlstudios

This is just a quick message to say thanks to everyone for voting after 2 years on green light its finally been accepted
Currently work is slow on it from core system upgrading alot,getting new assets and some mini projects to try raise funds and test for main game implienting such as collectable cards but with the greenlight this will give a huge boost to the game and the latest version aims to be released by end of year (still trying to fix bugs and recently alot of university exams and assignents)

Thanks again everyone

August 9, 2014 - wiseowlstudios

Hi this is just a quick update
The money from the award has gone through and has been spent on upgrading the software,adding some extra bits and trying to improve performance.
An example is the terrain which has a new shader so rocks look like rocks and everything is a bit more 3d/realistic looking as well as updated weather so the sun is a large glow rather then a small center pic etc.
More images soon and a kickstarter will be launched to raise the funds needed to finish some of the core systems such as player models and customisation some better interfaces,sonds models etc and if theres some spare cash a housing system with strech goals being to hire full time staff meaning alot more content,better fps (aim is 60+fps currently its around 10-15FPS due to the non optimised models etc) and a ton of other features.

July 23, 2014 - wiseowlstudios

Hi everyone this just a quick update
The game is currently 40% off on desura till the end of the month
The game is also in the process of being updated and when the grant comes through it will also mean a major performace and content boost as it will mean updated software etc
The games lore for the guardians has also been finished and uploaded to the new site and youtube the playlist is below

The new site is still under alot of development such as getting the forums made,adding news etc but you can check it out at
(all links currently redirect to until there made into subdomains etc)

The aim for the next patch is within the next 2-4 weeks (its mostly dependant on how fast grant comes in and when university resits are)

Also a big thanks to those that have clicked yes and have supported the game so far it is abit over 60% till top 100 so hopefully the game will be on steam soon

July 8, 2014 - wiseowlstudios

Hi everyone this update is just explaining whats happening at the miniute.
First of all thanks to everyone for the support the game is now about to hit 60% to top 100 which is where it will probally be added by steam.
Currently the updates to the game has slowed due to the new website being developed and the server being set up which will hold the new player database,patches etc. The game is also using its innovation grant to get a software upgrade (unity pro) as well as some new models,scripts and other minor bits to improve the quality and performance.
With unity pro it should mean a big perfomance boost,graphics boost and overall higher quality game as well as more features will be possible more info will be soon

The aim for these upgrades is to be brought and partly implimented by the end of this month to mid of next month (waiting on grant payments)

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