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Planet Explorers
11 Mart 2014 - zede05


Thanks to everyone for your support in getting us this far! We're be sure to repay the favor and make Planet Explorers into a great game to the best of our ability!

22 Ocak 2014 - zede05

Hey everyone, sorry for not updating here for so long, we've been super busy getting features into the game. Now, after months of work, we've released Alpha 0.72. If you have preordered already, you can download it here: http://planetexplorers.pathea.net/download/

We've also released a new demo based on Alpha 0.72 for PC, Mac, and Linux. So go and try it out if you haven't already: http://planetexplorers.pathea.net/download/

For users without opencl compatible graphics cards due to whatever reason (outdated driver, unsupportive manufacturer, incompatible setup, etc.), please go to options in the launcher and change to cpu under opencl calculation, then launch the game. If your game hangs at 100% or fails to load, it’s most likely due to opencl.

Now we can all move on to a0.75. The key features we’re aiming for a0.75 are voxel water (dynamic will probably be a0.8), new water shader, decals for the creation editor, lod for the building blocks, new story segments, rainforest biome, new ai spawning based on seeds in Adventure Mode, and able to export vehicles in multiplayer. We’re aiming to release this build in late February.

That build will also be the Steam Early Access build. If you want to preorder right now, go right ahead, as you'll get a Steam key when we release on Steam. http://planetexplorers.pathea.net/order/

21 Ağustos 2013 - zede05

Hey everyone, we've just released the 0.62 alpha build. You can get it here: http://planetexplorers.pathea.net/order/

Here's a trailer to show off some of the new features in a0.62: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AljyzPfY0Ao

Unfortunately, due to our need to support the studio, this version is no longer free. You'll need to pre-order in order to play this build. Pre-ordering will give you access to the alpha right away as well as a Steam key when we release on here.

For anyone who wishes to just try the game, the a0.53 alpha is still free, you can get it here: http://planetexplorers.pathea.net/download/

Finally, for anyone wondering when we'll put this game on Steam, we'll decide that after a0.8.

21 Mayıs 2013 - zede05

Hey everyone, after a lot of hardwork and many bugs, we’ve finally completed the alpha 0.55 multiplayer build. This is just a tech demo of sorts that lets us test out some of the key logic behind multiplayer. In this build, you’ll be able to see the new ragdoll system for animals when they die, turrets blowing apart when they die, and infinite terrain. We don’t recommend going beyond 8 players (you can try), as that might really kill the frame rate. When people change armor and weapons, the frame will drop (just like in single player, except here when everyone does it at once, it’ll cause a real long pause), we’re still looking at how to mitigate this problem.

Currently, only the PC version is available, we’ll add the links to the Mac and Linux versions after we test them out (probably tomorrow). For the people who downloaded a0.549m, download this version and you should be able to log into other people’s servers.


Alpha 0.6 will be coming out in the next ~2 weeks if everything goes smoothly. It'll be a closed alpha by then with access only for the Kickstarter backers and people who pre-order. You can still back the game here if you're interested: http://planetexplorers.pathea.net/preorder/

17 Nisan 2013 - zede05

We made it. Thanks to everyone for your support!!!

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