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Planet Explorers
Alpha 0.72 Available and New Demo!
22 ianuarie, 2014 - zede05

Hey everyone, sorry for not updating here for so long, we've been super busy getting features into the game. Now, after months of work, we've released Alpha 0.72. If you have preordered already, you can download it here:

We've also released a new demo based on Alpha 0.72 for PC, Mac, and Linux. So go and try it out if you haven't already:

For users without opencl compatible graphics cards due to whatever reason (outdated driver, unsupportive manufacturer, incompatible setup, etc.), please go to options in the launcher and change to cpu under opencl calculation, then launch the game. If your game hangs at 100% or fails to load, it’s most likely due to opencl.

Now we can all move on to a0.75. The key features we’re aiming for a0.75 are voxel water (dynamic will probably be a0.8), new water shader, decals for the creation editor, lod for the building blocks, new story segments, rainforest biome, new ai spawning based on seeds in Adventure Mode, and able to export vehicles in multiplayer. We’re aiming to release this build in late February.

That build will also be the Steam Early Access build. If you want to preorder right now, go right ahead, as you'll get a Steam key when we release on Steam.

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22 comentarii
Metis 3 mar., 2014 @ 23:58 
multiplayer is just a empty room......?????
[UUN] SprungCH 2 mar., 2014 @ 5:02 
HOHO had a lot of fun! Interesting project, with real potential! I have preordered the game for 22 dollars, and it's ok! First login was so interesting that i spend in my first session more than 7 hours ingame with a friend in coop ;-) . Like to import the vehicles constructed in the game soon ;-) ------------- Work on! ---------------
bk3000 23 feb., 2014 @ 20:42 
[quote]voxel water (dynamic will probably be a0.8)[/quote]Haha if they mean what I think they mean - I think I suggested something like that way back on the old forums. Well I suggested a lot of stuff and they replied that dynamic water would probably not being doable.

But I should not be surprised because these guys have seemingly endless ambition for things to add into the game itself. I guess having a larger budget changes things. These guys really are passionate about making their game unnecessarily awesome. I can only hope that actually means

Been playing Planet Explorers since 0.2(Well I TRIED to play 0.1 LOL). The game showed pretty great potential even then(and was probably the most beautiful early alpha I have ever seen) I haven't played for a few versions but just bought the game - wow it really has come a long way.

Keep putting all this effort into the game, and you will no doubt have fans like me that not only buy this game, but your next game too!

Smashhawk 16 feb., 2014 @ 19:48 
the demo wont work with the apple OS mavericks..... niether will the full version... something that needs to be fixed! it is un-playable on this OS because of the security features it introduces... because the "publisher and developer" are not listed you cant play it...
Sioux 6 feb., 2014 @ 19:32 
it is good enough
Jedia Kyrol 6 feb., 2014 @ 13:31 
@Bigpapa Yeah! Curse them for using all that kickstarter money on the game itself, instead of rushing to slap steam compatibility on an already existing build!
... ... ...actually...what?
Bigpapa 4 feb., 2014 @ 13:35 
I have played the .53 and the .72 and i feel that it would do well in the steam release, i have not ran into any issues with the game as of so far. Although I would have liked to be able to test out the multiplayer which doesnt seem to be allowed in the .72 demo. I am interested in purchasing the game still as are a few of my friends but i would prefer to do so through steam since they already have my payment info and will download/update automatically.
zede05 2 feb., 2014 @ 6:49 
@Bigpapa Nope, the reason we've been holding off on Steam was because we didn't think it was good enough to be on Steam yet. We know how people would react is a subpar build gets released here.
Bigpapa 29 ian., 2014 @ 8:44 
I have been waiting a long time for the steam release, me and a few friends found the game on the greenlight and wanted to get it from steam. Kinda frusterating that its taken so long to even announce a steam accessable build, since the game was cleared so long ago... Seems like they just used the funds to further the game rather than open it to steam and gain more funding. Im assuming its because they didnt want to reduce the price, since steam is known for great prices. Yet at a lower price it would sell more copies faster, producing more money in total. But thats just my thinking on it. Been playing Rust and Star Forge instead since this took so long.