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Week 22-28 April 2013 development update
28 april, 2013 - AutolootGames

Hi guys,

Just a quick update on what we are working on:

- Basic combat: on our pitch video, there was combat, but there's wasn't turn change and the npc enemies were static. Now the turn change is functional and the enemies move and attack you at melee range, yihaa! =) There's an issue to solve though, and this is calculating the max. distance an enemy can move, and then finding an empty place so the enemy doesn't occupy a position where other npcs, the pc or his companions could be positioned. The next step will be adding spellcast attacks to some npcs.

- Material & Export Manager and Browser: David Lucena is working on an exporter so the engine reads correctly the different types of textures from each 3D model. This will allow us to change the textures of the models imported and display not only specular but also normal maps. This will later be necessary when David implements the Lightmapping so the textures are affected by the light and can display its additional properties (i.e. the rugosity). The visual impact of this will be great!

- World map: David Lucena is working on the city of Khandor. At the moment he has almost completed one of the 8 big districts. At the moment, we have positioned the camera with a default zoom so we know exactly what the player will see. We want that you can see both sides of a street for example, this gives a better immersive feeling when you are moving with your group. You will then have an option of zoom in/out so you can enjoy the combat and texture details with a nearer view.

- Game logo and interfaces: Rafa is working on the final game logo plus some interface stuff, as the damage and heal numbers displayed during a combat, the combat log or the contextual info of the enemies when you roll the mouse over or click with the mouse button over them or his portrait (to define yet).

- Faction System: It's very important to define the nuts and bolts of the faction system prior to redefining the dialogue editor, that must include pre and post-conditions so we can track the reputation counters for each faction, npc or district.

So here our weekly update, any question you have let us know!