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Dark Triad: Conspiracy Vision Doc
23 de Abril de 2013 - AutolootGames

Hi guys!

Today we bring you great news. We can finally share our vision doc with you for Dark Triad: Conspiracy. This is a new take on the game, and the old story is being rewritten from scratch, also some new game systems are being added. This will make of DTC a more engaging, deeper and meaningful experience in many senses, as we explain in the doc.

Yes, we also changed the name. Most of you didn't like "Dragon's Death", besides, with the new take on the game, no dragons are to be seen... so it seems! Of all the names we added to the poll vote, you decided "Dark Triad: Conspiracy" would be the most suitable, and we also like it very much, so let's roll with it!

This is the first draft of the Vision Doc and there's sure some room for improvement. Our aim is to polish it thanks to your feedback so we can release a new revision for everybody along our next KS relaunch. We'd deeply appreciate if you help us to make the game better within our resources and budget, so each opinion counts and we'll take all your comments into account.

We keep working hard on the game development to bring this new vision to our next Kickstarter campaign. We will make the pitch video much better and we'll show more stuff, and also we are already in talks with a PR agency so more people can know about Dark Triad: Conspiracy.

Anyhow, rest assured we will keep you up to date of any news about how things are going, and now, enjoy the reading!

Abel B.


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neoZatoichi 13 Dez, 2013 às 21:56 
At this precise moment, I don't know anything about any discussion over the name of this game. From this announcement, I understand one took place, and the game's name got changed because of it. If it's so, I just wanted to say to the devs that, as I see it, "Dragon's Death" is an infinitely superior subtitle than just "Conspiracy". It's a lot more subtle, of a much more distinct taste, and transpires hints of a controversial and dark meaning. But here we go again to the abyss with the majority, it seems. Anyway, I sincerely hope your game gets greenlit. I surely would buy it, name changed or not. I only beg you: don't let the original interesting content get also corrupted by the everlasting, all-encompassing foolishness.