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Система Steam Greenlight прекращает свою работу. О новом способе публикации игр можно узнать из нашего блога.
8 января 2016 - fláráðr ljós

Hey guys,

INFRA: Part 1 will be out on Steam next Friday on the January 15th. Lots of stuff to cover in this post.

So, first things first. We're finally announcing the price tag! INFRA: Part 1 will be available for 14.99€ or your regional equivalent. If you want to throw in a bit of extra, you can also get the INFRA Original Soundtrack for 4.99€ or buy the "INFRA Deluxe Edition" which includes both for 18.99€.

This is a bit lower than what we asked for in our Indiegogo campaign. We want to talk for a bit about why we chose this price point.

We thought about the price a lot, but in the end we felt like that even though there is a lot of stuff here, Part 1 doesn't include enough content to justify the full 25€ price tag that we originally planned for the entire game.

Then, the second thing. We regret to announce that the OS X version will be delayed. It turned to be way more work than we initially thought. Instead of just pushing a button like is the case with most game engines, there's quite a lot of work involved in the process. While we thought that we could get it done in time, we didn't.

Don't worry though, we're still committed to bringing INFRA to OS X. It'll just take a bit longer than we thought. We don't have a precise estimate, but it'll be available shortly after release.

We have some good news too. We just pushed out a beta update. If you're in the beta, you can find the changelog in the usual place. This will probably be the last update to the beta.

Huge thanks to everyone who have helped with beta testing INFRA, and thanks to everyone who have been following this project since the very beginning. We still have quite the journey ahead of us, but we wouldn't have made it this far without you.

18 декабря 2015 - Oskutin

Hello everybody!
Big news today! The beta is doing well, we’ve received a lot of good feedback and made tweaks to the gameplay accordingly. Today we’ve also released an update to it, which includes a whole new map to test out. But guess what? We’re finally announcing the release date for INFRA.

INFRA will be released digitally on Steam on 15th of January 2016!

As some of you may already know, we’re doing an episodic approach and releasing INFRA in two parts. The immense size of the game has been a bit of a problem for our small team, and as always, we want to deliver the best experience we can. But don’t worry, we won’t charge anything extra for the second part, in fact it will be provided as a free update for everyone who owns the game. Future buyers will also get both parts in a single purchase.

We would like to thank you for your patience. We originally thought that we’d get the game ready in late October, but as the world (of software development at least) is full of uncertainties, the release date slipped from the planned one, in favor of shipping the game in the quality we wanted.

It has been a long journey since the summer of 2011 when we started this project. Many of you have been following us since the very beginning. Your continued support has been a great motivator and we hope that the finished product meets your expectations. Also, as a side note, the next part of the game won't take another 4 years to finish, we are expecting it to be released during 2016.

Are you excited for the release? Because we certainly are!

2 декабря 2015 - fláráðr ljós

Hey guys!

We've pushed out an update for the INFRA beta on Steam. With over 130 individual changes, this is a big one! If you're in the beta, give it a shot and let us know what you think.

We will be expanding the beta soon, so if you're not in it – don't worry, there is still a chance!

In other news, the nominations for the Indie of the Year 2015 have started on IndieDB. We got into the top 100 last year, so let's see if we can do it again!

Gather your votes and head on over to our IndieDB page to vote for us! This time IndieDB are raffling a bunch of cool games for people who vote, so that's another reason to hop in.

Thanks for your support!

3 ноября 2015 - fláráðr ljós


We've started beta testing INFRA. If you've applied to be a beta tester, check your email to see if you're in. Unfortunately we had to limit the amount of beta testers to keep the amount of feedback reasonable.

So, if you didn't receive an email from us, don't worry – we will be expanding the beta in the future, once we've solved some of the issues that have come up.

Huge thanks to everyone who have provided feedback so far!

25 октября 2015 - Oskutin

Hello there!

We’re looking for people willing to take part in an upcoming beta test of INFRA to help us smooth out bugs, and to hear about your general experience. Beta testers will have access to an issue tracker where they can report bugs and provide other feedback.

We have a limited number of Steam keys available for testing. While everyone is welcome to apply, our Indiegogo backers have the priority. Everyone who participates in the beta will receive access to the full game once it launches.

If you’re interested in helping us out, send an email to us at contact@loisteinteractive.com and describe with a few words why you would be a good candidate.

And as you might have guessed, we’re getting very close to the actual release and we’re announcing the launch date soon.

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