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SCP : Wander
November 16, 2014 - Saito Fox

Game is Halted until i find 2 Crew members, 2 of my team died a few months ago and i cannot continue until i find:

a volunteer Modeler
Sound Artist.

Rip: Banter & Brendan

September 4, 2013 - Saito Fox

Story completion of the main game to play multiplayer (just kidding)

there will be no requirments to multiplayer mode.
Cat Vs mouse will work like Phantom hourglass Multiplayer mode, and MTF vs SCP will be like L4D Infected vs Survivors, only alot different... but same concept.

173 will be one which not many people will want to play i think... but it will still be an option.
as we all know, it can only move when nothing is looking at it, its special abilitys are:
Lucky Lights (turns off all nearby lights allowing it to move)

049s will be a most wanted playable scp.
passive "Cure" on MTF kill, Mtf turns into a "cured" or 049-2
"Foundation Manipulation" Activate a portal and teleport or "blink" a few meters forward.

673 will be another fun scp to play:
"Mold" Tempararly Mold with the ground, Infecting all MTFS around you
passive "Deadly touch" Restore Health, and Instantly Kill anyone you touch.
"Mold Breaker" While In mold, you are able to leap forward tunneling under the ground (passive disabled while Mold breaking)

Passive: "Choose'
at the start of the round, you can either choose to play as a random monster or infect doors i the area in overlord mode.
if "Open" Play one of 3 random monsters at each start of the round.

(giant Cat Like Beast with 2 tails)
Passive: " Fear"Bullets have a 30% chance to miss
"Pounce" Pounce on a MTF and devour them aswell as recover your health
"Dementional Rift" Just like the 049 you can Blink forward.

Passive: "Where?" your footsteps can be heard and loud andwhere.
"Creep" Smile wierdly, any MTFS watching you will be stunned for a short time.
"Devour" Deal 20% the targets health and disipear back into the door. *Suicide*

Passive "Choke" -1% hp AOE effect +250% movement speed
"Cling" Doubles passive for 15 seconds
Mist seems overpowerd but you can be killed easily. bullets entering the mist will take 50% of your health and "Scatter" the mist.


Scout: Lighter armor, small machine gun, 2 grenades +25% faster movement speed

Engineer: Repair Doors, remove the blue key from the infected doors.
(only engineer can see infected doors before its to late)

Task force:
Rocket Launcher, machine gun, 4 grenades, mobile containment unit (tempararly contain Scps). -50% mvoement speed

Medkit, Glock, Foundation manipulation.

August 6, 2013 - Saito Fox

Hello everyone, Miro here. if you have problems or suggestions Please Email or
Add me on skype "Miro.Tygira" with the Add message "Scp-WanderDB"

and il add you and talk to you. it is also a good place for me to hear your voice to see if you are suitable for a voice actor role.

Thanks for reading,
yours truly:

August 3, 2013 - Saito Fox

a patcher was released on the scp wander DB page, this patcher is favored for windows
users. but Linux an mac can both use this patcher if they use an emulator, i can put the mac and linux files onto the patcher if you guys wish.

leave a comment and tell me if you want the mac and linux files on the windows patcher aswell.


May 14, 2013 - Saito Fox

of the new starting menu. pretty cool right?

what it is, is your character walking down a very long hallway with very creepy noises.

:3 what else should i add to it?

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