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3 juli, 2013 - Rider Games

New Demo was launched on our web-site earlier today. Give it a play and let us know what you think! We are going to work on a trailer and launch that shortly. Thank you everyone for your support.

5 april, 2013 - Rider Games

Hey guys, we are hard at work lately working on new levels for the game. We urge you to try our demo. We all work full time jobs on top of this game so it's really hard to get another trailer put together when we are really busy working on all of the improvements. Thank you all again for your feedback! The game has only grown since you all have helped us with your comments. The graphics are getting better. When you tell us something in comment form please be specific as to what your are talking about. IE: When you say you don't like the main characters animations we'd like to know if that is the demo or if you are referring to the trailer which is a completely different game at this point.

Anyways the demo is here:

We are working on a settings program to set up keyboard layouts and controller inputs. Thanks once again and a special thanks to Temu for all of your help.

13 februari, 2013 - Rider Games

We have met our kickstarter goal and are now looking for another graphic artist to help out with environment graphics. We are going to continue adding to the game and listen to our audience. If you have time please go to our website and try the demo. Thank you for your time guys. We appreciate the support!

10 februari, 2013 - Rider Games

Hey everyone! We are changing the main characters name! Head to our facebook page to cast your vote now

The main characters name has been the same since our story was first written over 10 years ago. We realize the name is not the most original and we are willing to change it. Thanks for all the feedback guys.
- The RG Team

4 februari, 2013 - Rider Games

Hey everyone,
Our demo is hosted at our web-site.
Give it a shot and tell us what you think. The demo levels are not the final product. Our levels are more like large levels your used to with Castlevania with puzzles your used to in Legend of Zelda.

- The RG Team

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